Pushpa Impossible 24th June 2023 Written Update: Sonal complaints to Police against Ashwin.

Pushpa Impossible 24th June 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Sonal complaining against Ashwin in the police station. Deepti calls Manish to stop Sonal from lodging a complaint but Manish says that Sonal has locked him in their house. Deepti says the same to Pushpa and family. Sonal comes back home and Manish asks Sonal about her behaviour but Sonal says that she couldn’t tolerate whatever happened. Manish says that he’s not justifying Ashwin’s act but they both knew that he’s not a repeated offender. Sonal refuses to listen to him and says that the hurt that would be inflicted on them is no less than a mental breakdown when a husband raises his hand against his wife. She says that she already lodged the complaint and stays firm in her stand.

The next day, Golu is playing flute in front of God and Deepti finds Ashwin outside for the whole night. She feels bad for him but immediately shuts the window as she recalls him raising hand against her. Pushpa notices it and gives tea to Deepti. She says that she can understand her condition but says that she’s in more difficult situation as she’s stuck between both her kids. Ashwin asks Golu to speak with God and asks forgiveness for his act and Golu asks him to ask directly himself. Ashwin pleads God for forgiveness. Bapodhara complaints about Ashwin spending the night outside the house and Susheela says he’s Pushpa’s son and wouldn’t run away from his mistakes. Bapodhara is excited to witness Sonal’s actions.

Ashwin is with other members of the chawl and asks their advice to rectify his mistake. Kaku calls him out for his mistake and Ashavari asks him to give it sometime as Deepti would forgive him at a point. She says she loves him and wouldn’t separate from him so easily. Ashwin gets call from the Police station and informs the same to others. Deepti also gets called to Police station. Pushpa says she would accompany him but Deepti says Sonal would be there and she would hurt her with her words. As they come out they find Dileep saying Rashi that he’s ready to help Ashwin but Ashwin is not ready to accept it. He says that he changed. Pushpa says that if he really changed then he would not support Ashwin in his act and says about Sonal lodging a complaint against Ashwin. She says that Ashwin proved that he’s his blood and leaves.

Everyone are at Police station and Inspector lashes out at Ashwin. Ashwin says it wasn’t intentional but Inspector refuses to believe it. He asks Deepti to write a complaint but Deepti refuses saying that it’s house matter and they would solve it among themselves. Inspector goes with Deepti despite Sonal against it. Sonal leaves upset. Rashi asks Deepti what happened and Deepti says she took back the complaint. Dileep asks Ashwin to apologize from his heart and Rashi asks did he apologize her mother first. She says that Ashwin only raises hand and is already paying for it but he abused her mother a lot and still didn’t pay for it. She says that her only wish is that he would apologize her mother for what she put her through.

Precap: Dileep stops Pushpa and says that he has something to speak with her. He says he wants to speak before all while Pushpa stands confused.

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