Pushpa Impossible 25th July 2022 Written Update: Deepti and Ashwin reconciles.


Pushpa Impossible 25th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Pushpa noticing the tension between Ashwin and Deepti and shares it with Chirag and Rashi. She decides to make them reconcile. She asks Baskar about his life with Ashavari and he praises her and calls himself lucky. Pushpa teases that Ashwin is in the line after him in case of marriage. Baskar asks Ashwin about his love life with Deepti. Ashwin says that his life is fir not completely sweet. He says it has his own amount of bitterness which is what makes it interesting. He credits Deepti for all the happening in his life. Deepti feels touched. Soon they all starts dancing as a couple. Deepti and Ashwin hug and reconcile. Pushpa gets happy witnessing it.

Susheela is searching for the keys throughout the house. Baskar and Ashavari’l and Ashwin and Deepti were enjoying their ice creams send they all praised Pushpa’s food. Deepti asks Baskar about his first meet with Ashavari. Baskar says about meeting her in a vegetable vendor shop where she was fighting with vendor for rotten vegetables. Baskar joined their conversation and it was love at first sight for them. They asks Ashwin about his first meet with Deepti. Ashwin recalls meeting Deepti while he was on his way to interview. He caught an Auto but Deepti requested him to let her travel as she’s getting late for interview. Ashwin who fell in love with Deepti at first sight agrees for it and let’s her take the auto. He gets shocked when Deepti was his interviewer. He says from then it was Deepti who’s dropping him in office.

Susheela accidentally finds the keys when Bapodhara was away. She opens the cupboard and gets hold of the papers and Bapodhara also comes there. Susheela manages to hide it under the bed before he could see. Bapodhara looks angrily at her. Deepti drags Ashwin and others downstairs to help Pushpa and Rashi clean the house. Baskar is worried about something. Bapodhara asks Susheela about the cupboard keys on cupboard. Susheela confuses him saying that he would have left it due to his bad memory. Prarthana comes there and Bapodhara leaves taking the keys. Susheela asks Prarthana to make copy of the agreement and keep it back before Bapodhara could know about it. Prarthana leaves for the same.

Rashi gets Aryan’s message where he sent her pictures with liquor. Rashi gets worried when Pushpa gets a message too but got relieved it’s from school. Aryan calls Rashi and asks her to apologize for insulting or else he threatens forward her pictures to everyone including her mother. Rashi gets worried and lashes out at him. Pushpa who came there asks Rashi about Aryan but Rashi cooks up some excuse. Pushpa is still worried about Rashi and shares it with Ashwin and Deepti. Deepti assures that Rashi is matured enough to handle her problems. Pushpa asks Ashwin to drop Deepti home.

Deepti happily shares with her parents about Ashwin pacifying her and Manish says about already knowing about the problem. He also says that it’s her mother who wanted to not interfere their issue and let it solve it themselves. They all plan to invite Pushpa’s family home for dinner. Ay school, Pushpa asks Saran to give counselling to Rashi. He also finds her worried. Sam and Parminder gets a message and looks at Rashi. Rashi wonders whether Aryan sent the pictures to everyone.

Precap : Susheela will give the agreement copy to Pushpa who would feel extremely grateful towards her. She will give it to Aamir Bhai who will be sure of their success. Pushpa will be worried whether Susheela would have to bear the brunt of her success. Bapodhara will catch Susheela red handed and will throw her out of the house.

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