Pushpa Impossible 26th November 2022 Written Update: Pramod frames Chirag in a false case.


Pushpa Impossible 26th November 2022 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Deepti attending Pramod’s call to Ashwin who threatens him with Rashi’s name. Deepti thinks that it’s not right for Ashwin to meet him. She deletes the message when Pushpa notices her tensed face.deepti narrates her about whatever Pramod told. Deepti says that Ashwin’s anger unfolds when he hears Pramod’s name. Pushpa asks when did she witness his anger. Deepti recalls an incident when Ashwin beat up the goons who teased her. Deepti suggests to go to meet Pramod but Pushpa stops her saying that she can’t risk one daughter for the other. She ask Ashavari to take Deepti to market while she herself will go to meet Pramod. Ashavari tries to stop her but Pushpa doesn’t listen.

Chirag drops Prarthana at a distance when he finds Pushpa going somewhere tensed. He calls her asking where she is and she lies that she is going for shop. Chirag sees her going the opposite way and gets doubtful. He follows her and Prarthana also joins him. Susheela complaints about the increased cockroach disturbance int the house. Bapodhara agrees to call the pest control and gets a plan to get inside Neelima house. Pramod makes his men ready to attack Ashwin. Pushpa come sin and confronts him for trying to trouble her son and daughter in law using Rashi’s name. He asks for a deal to make Ashwin and Deepti sign in the papers to reinstate him in office so that he would not get Rashi rusticated. Psuhpa mocks him that if it’s his father’s school to decide whatever he want. She says that she do feel terrile for whatever Rashi did but her punishment will be decided by Nanavati. She wanrns himt onnever trouble Ashwin and Deepti againa nd leaves. Chirag and Prarthana hears it from outside. Bapodhar buys cockroaches. Chirag barges in and creates mess when the guys hits him . he thrashes the office but didn’t ahrm anyone. Prathana take shima way. Chirag leaves cockroaches at Neelima’s house and agrees to call pest control.

Pramod makes his men beat him without knowing who beat him and pin the blame on Chirag. They did as he says. Deepti and Ashwin consoles Rashi who’s upset. Deepti gives her ipod and Pushpa taunts her. Pushpa wonders where’s Chirag. Prarthana scolds Chirag for messing things despite Pushpa handling the mess. Chirag says that he didn’t beat him technically so assures that nothing would happen. Bapodhara appreciates Susheela for her idea to call the pest control. He finds Prathana sleeping early and asks about it. Bapodhara gets call from Bandra Police Station who says about chirag beating up Pramod and Prarthana being the eye witness. He calls hima nd his daughter to Police Station. Pramod asks him to call Pushpa too. He calls her and says the same to her. Pushpa gets shocked.

Precap : Bapodhara will lash out at Chirag for taking Prarthana to Pramod’s office and breaking things. He will insult him. Pamod will demand to take action against Chirag for hitting him. Inspector will say that he needs to arrest Chirag shocking everyone.

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