Pushpa Impossible 27th August 2022 Written Update: Sonal and Manish Pushpa’s plan workout.


Pushpa Impossible 27th August 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Deepti crying worried for Ashwin and Manish consoles her. Sonal taunts her and Pushpa calls Sonal. Sonal feels bad whether she overdid it as her daughter is crying. Pushpa says Ashwin is also upset there and is happy that they are crying. Sonal asks whether they are enjoying their children’s misery. Pushpa says it means that they really love a lot. She says she’s going to school and Sonal is outraged that she could go to school at such situation. Pushpa says that it’s necessary for her to go as her reverse psychology master Saran is there in school who’ll guide her and takes her leave.

Pushpa meets with Saran in school and says about applying his reverse psychology on her children and explains her situation to him. Saran is surprised that she went to this extent and says that he knows the pain of love. He says about his ex girlfriend Manisha and Pushpa suggests to get them together. Saran says she’s getting married and asks her to let it go. He wishes her good luck in her fight. Pushpa gets an idea and calls Sonal. She explains a plan to her which Sonal also feels that would work out.

Pushpa and Sonal notice both Ashwin and Deepti wants to talk with each other but their ego is stopping them. Baskar says that he’s not even happy that they are leaving after breaking his marriage. Rashi asks Pushpa to do something and Pushpa asks her to wait and watch at 11pm. She calls Sonal and lies that Ashwin met with an accident. Deepti rushes to meet him while Sonal rejoices ad her plan worked. On her way she called Pushpa and again lied the same for Deepti. Ashwin ditches his Dubai plan for Deepti. They both meet and Rashi rejoices that Pushpa and Sonal’s plan worked out. She narrates everything and Baskar reveals that he never booked his flight ticket. Pushpa says she can’t let her life go away from her. They both hug emotionally. Ashwin and Deepti reconciled while Manish and Sonal took their leave. The others got ready to send off Baskar.

Precap : Sonal will say Pushpa that it would’ve been a great help to her if Dileep was alive. She will say that Rashi craves for father’s love. Pushpa thinks that that how would she say that he wanted go kill Rashi.

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