Pushpa impossible 27th February 2023 Written Update: Dileep joins hands with Rashi


Pushpa impossible 27th February 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Rashi asking Pushpa about her studies. She offers to help Pushpa by teaching her and Chirag teases them. Rashi apologizes Pushpa for getting too personal debate and Pushpa asks her to let it go. She says that she’s not completely wrong in what she said. Pushpa finds Rashi’s bag torn and asks Rashi why didn’t she inform about it to her. She says that she might be poor but is not incapable to fulfill her needs. Rashi agrees and Pushpa decides to go to market the next day to buy her a new bag. Dileep asks his secretary to find all the details about Devi Singh Shikawat. He then calls Vasundhara to get details from her too. Vasundhara says about Devi and her daughter. Dileep asks Mansi to go to Canada as their business would be affected if they are there. Mansi refuses to leave unless and until he comes out of jail.

Bapodhara is searching for his hearing aid when Chirag comes there with his shirt. Chirag says it has fallen from upstairs and so he came to return it. Bapodhara couldn’t hear it and still accuses him. Susheela finds his hearing aid and makes him understand what Chirag said. Chirag asks him to atleast accept now that he’s not a thief anymore and is about to leave. Bapodhara taunts him saying that a criminal’s blood runs through his veins angering Chirag. He comes back and shows him the mirror that it’s not his fault that his father is in jail for vfime but reminds him about his own elder brother Bharat Bapodhara. Bapodhara gets stunned when Chirag makes him realise how it hurts when things goes personal. Dileep teams up with Guru in jail and promises to get him out of jail through Shikawat who sent him to jail. He gives him information that Devi’s daughter is in town for vacation. Dileep calls his man and asks him to confirm the same. His man finds Devi and Roshni enjoying Indian Street food and says the same to Guru. Guru thinks that it’s the right opportunity to get his revenge from Shikawat.

Roshni wants to visit the fair to buy herself some Indian attire. Rashi also wants to visit the same fair for shopping and leaves with Deepti. Prarthana asks Chirag that what he meant about his father’s elder brother but Chirag covers it up without saying the truth. Pushpa comes to Bapodhara house to give the keys only to find Bapodhara alone. Bapodhara gets the keys from her and invites her for tea. Pushpa is taken aback but still takes his offer. They both sit down to have tea when Bapodhara says that he went to meet Dileep in jail and Pushpa is shocked about the same. He says that he’s also a victim and wanted to experience the pleasure of seeing him behind bars. Pushpa asks if Bapodhara thinks Dileep would get revenge From her too. Bapodhara says 100 percent. He says that both him and Dileep and same when it comes to ego but he’s more criminal minded than him. He says that he would’ve good friends with her if it isn’t for Dileep but Pushpa likes their current equation better.

Precap: Devi and Pushpa will be shocked as both their daughter will ge kidnapped. DCP will suspect Dileep’s hand behind the kidnap.

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