Pushpa Impossible 27th July 2022 Written Update: Deepti and Pushpa’s family to go for shopping.


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The episode starts with Pushpa crying holding Susheela. Susheela says that no matter what the society doesn’t give any rights to woman and its really easy for men to throw them out of the house in an instant. Pushpa blames herself for Susheela’s condition but Susheela asks her not to say so as it’s because of her she got to witness the real place of her in the house. She says that she spent years of her life for the household but it doesn’t take a minute for Bapodhara to throw her out of the house. Pushpa gets angry at Bapodhara and asks Susheela to stay with her but Kaku says that it would just increase Bapodhara’s anger. She suggests to Susheela to stay in her house and Pushpa agrees.

Ashwin gets a message and angrily comes to Baskar. He scolds him for transferring such a big amount to his account and Baskar asks him to let it be. He asks Where’s Pushpa and Ashwin answers that she’s with Susheela. Baskar asks Why’s she with her for which Ashwin says that Susheela is Pushpa’s best friend and its her duty to stand by her side in her difficult time. Baskar says its the same as being his friend its his duty to stand by his side when he struggles for money for shopping and asks him to keep it. Ashwin still tries refusing but Baskar says that when he was young he used to have evening tiffin from their house as his mother was busy working. He says they gave him more than what they had and he wouldn’t forget it all. He asks Ashwin to keep it and return whenever he could. Ashwin gets emotional.

Pushpa says to Mahendra about her wanting to return the agreement copy to Bapodhara as she can’t risk Susheela’s life for her own benefit. Mahendra asks her to not commit the blunder as Bapodhara will anyhow take back Susheela after two days as he needs her in his life and asks her to not take any decision getting influenced. He gives her some money for shopping too and Pushpa tries refusing it. Mahendra forces her to have it saying that their relationship is very old and it doesn’t matter with the money. Aamir Bhai also comes there and Pushpa feels blessed to have them in her life.

Deepti and her family waits for Pushpa and Ashwin as they come late. Ashwin apologizes as it was him who delayed and they say it’s fine. They start looking for jewels and Sonal looks at the costlier ones. Pushpa and Ashwin looks tensed at each other. Deepti notices it and selects a simple one. Sonali is against it but Deepti says she wants to wear for daily use and it’s comfortable for her. Pushpa asks her to take anything which she wishes but Deepti says she’s fine with it. Ashwin and Pushpa gets emotional. Chirag and Rashi are on their way to shopping and Rashi gets Aryan’s call. Chirag notices her avoiding the call with a tensed face and teases her. He extends support to her.

Pushpa then comes to textile shop and finds the same guy to whom she sold her precious saree. She hides from him while the others where looking at dresses. Deepti finds Pushpa’s saree and immediately likes it. She shows it to Ashwin and Ashwin also gets emotional. He recalls Pushpa’s attachment towards the saree and how she wanted to pass it to her daughter in law for generations. He asks for the price and fixes it and Deepti says its really expensive. Ashwin says about the saree and Pushpa’s emotional attachment towards it. Deepti shows the saree to everyone as the one which Ashwin chose and Pushpa gets emotional seeing it.

Precap : Deepti’s family learn about Bapodhara’s agreement and Susheela. Pushpa doesn’t want to risk Susheela’s life but Manish, Sonali and Ashwin advises her against it.

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