Pushpa impossible 28th February 2023 Written Update: Roshni and Rashi get kidnapped!


Pushpa impossible 28th February 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Deepti and Rashi enjoying ice cream when Guru’s assistant talks on call about did you find the girl? Deepti and Rashi judge him. He explains saying he is finding his daughter, he leaves. Deepti says he is so weird. Pushpa calls Deepti and asks where they are as she reached the market. Deepti says they are in the ice cream corner. Devi is also in the same market and thinks where is Roshni? She calls Roshni and gets to know that Roshni is nearby only. The kidnapper informs Guru about everything and also tells Guru how he always has everyone working for him even when he is in jail. Guru laughs. Devi meets Pushpa and greets her. Devi calls her Mrs. Dileep Kumar. Pushpa says I am Pushpa. Devi says yes sorry, hi Pushpa. Pushpa takes a leave. Guru’s men spot Roshni and kidnap her. Rashi sees this and the goons take her too as she tries to scream.

Kidnappers take their phones. Roshni and Pushpa worry. Devi thinks it can be a kidnapping case. Devi asks Pushpa to be calm and act wisely. Pushpa calls Ashwin and informs him how Rashi is missing. Ashwin worries and Sonal tries to calm him. Ashwin then remembers he had set a location tracker in Rashi’s phone so he sees Rashi’s location to be in Andheri. Pushpa hears this and tells Devi. Devi remembers the truck that passed them on the way. Devi goes to the shopkeeper and sees the CCTV footage. They see Rashi and Roshni get kidnapped. Pushpa cries. Devi contacts Tejasvi and makes her aware of it. They all go to Tejasvi and Devi asks her to involve only trust worthy people here, as I have many enemies and I feel Rashi was a collateral and target was Roshni, we can’t let them know we have involved police. Tejasvi says we can only wait for call.

Devi gets a call and the kidnapper praises Devi for figuring out that there is another girl with Roshni. Kidnapper says we had to kidnap the other girl as she saw us and was acting brave have some wants and want to release someone from Jail. Kidnapper says we want some of our consignment to cross the border. Devi says what about the prisoner? Kidnapper says wait for his next call. The call ends. Tejasvi asks her helper to track the call fast. Ashwin informs her friend about this kidnapping, he says we will do whatever is needed don’t worry. Pushpa cries when Devi says even my daughter is kidnapped but we need to be strong right now, please understand. Pushpa says I will stay here. Tejasvi says I am a friend of Devi and we can’t let anyone know police is involved, we have solved many complicated cases so please let us do our work and you go back home. Ashwin and Chirag try to calm Pushpa and take her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Devi gets a call regarding release of Guru. Later, Pushpa remembers about Dileep being in the same jail.

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