Pushpa Impossible 28th July 2022 Written Update: Kaki’s advise to Pushpa.


Pushpa Impossible 2 28th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Deepti showing the saree selected by Ashwin and Pushpa gets emotional seeing it. She hugs Ashwin and says that nothing could be more priceless than this for her and Ashwin is also happy for her. The shopkeeper identifies Pushpa as the one who sold the saree to him and narrates whatever happened that day. Everyone gets surprised hearing him give the saree for much lesser price than quoted earlier. He says she is the one who owns the saree and he follows certain principles too. Pushpa thanks him.

Everyone comes to Deepti’s house and gets greeted by Chirag and Rashi who were already present there. Sonal asked Deepti to show around the house to Chirag and Rashi. Rashi gets her friend’s call and asks her to meet her late night after reaching home. Pushpa greets Sarita and Donal signals her to mention Pushpa using honorifics. Pushpa says Sarita that she’s fine with anything and they all sit to have food. Pushpa chitchats and comments about the similarities in continental and Indian food. Manish joins her. He finds her struggling to have food using spoons and asks her to have with hands.

Later everyone sits down to have desert and Pushpa praises the food and her house. Sonal asks her about the house issue. Pushpa says that she has the card to win the case but she don’t want to use it at the cost of others pain. Ashwin explains about Pushpa having the agreement copy given by Susheela and Susheela getting thrown out of her house for the same. Sonal couldn’t believe that such things do exist in this time too. However she advises Pushpa to be practical as its her last hope to save her house. She asks her to not get manipulated Bapodhara. Manish and others also says the same but Pushpa couldn’t come to a conclusion. Sonal gives example of her client who manipulates people the same way.

Rashi discusses with her friend about whatever happened between her and Aryan. Her friend is outraged hearing it all and advises her to apologize and end the matter with Aryan. Rashi asks what wrong did she do to apologize Aryan. Her friend says that it doesn’t matter as Aryan could do worst with her. Pushpa prays to God not sure about what to decide regarding Susheela issue and asks God to show a way. Golu plays flute for her happiness. Pushpa goes to Kaku’s house to fond Susheela sleeping. Kaku advises her to fight thinking that she don’t have the agreement copy. However she also remembers her to keep a strong back up before returning it.

Precap : Deepti will go for outing with Pushpa and family. Pushpa will ask Rashi to join too but Rashi will say that she would go to school. She will go to school but then goes to meet Aryan. Sam and Parminder will notice it ahd will follow Rashi. He will call Pushpa and will say about Rashi. He will ask her to come there soon. Rashi will meet with Aryan.

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