Pushpa Impossible 28th October 2022 Written Update: Sonal gets emotional over Deepti leaving her.


Pushpa Impossible 28th October 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Kaku saying Pushpa that the number Varsha gave of Mithali is wrong number. Varsha also realizes her mistake. Kaku expresses her doubt. Kaku asks Pushpa to call Mithali making some excuse and find what she’s saying. Pushpa is worried about twhat to do and thinks of a plan. Kaku decides to call her as marketing executive. Pushpa calls Mithali and Pushpa offers free trip offer and asks for her address to send the voucher. Mithali agrees and says her hostel address but also says that she comes and goes to her home and cuts the call. Pushpa says that it means they are staying on and off houses and asks her to stop her detective act. Kaku is still not convinced.

Pushpa bumps with Mr. Pratap who asks her the way for Bapodhara house. Pushpa recalls meeting Manish speaking with him. Pratap introduces himself to Bapodhara and he immediately recognizes him as a reputed person. Pushpa calls Susheela and informs her about Mr. Pratap. Pratap says that he’s giving scholarship to Prarthana worth 75000 and a training program worth 2 lakh but she must come to Ahmedabad for the same. Bapodhara thinks that it’s a better option than sending her to hometown and accepts the offer. Pratap takes his leave while Bapodhara and Susheela were elated. Prarthana doesn’t want to go leaving Mumbai but Susheela convinces her that Pushpa would have a plan.

Pushpa greets Neelima with sweets for new year. Neelima asks why didn’t she use the necklace for hospital bills. Pushpa takes her in and shows her the money and says about how she found it. Neelima is herself shocked seeing so much money and Pushpa says that she used a part of the money for the bills. They find a note addressing to Sethji who’s giving money for him every month from long. They gets confused about who is it. Varsha plays Pushpa’s recorded call to Mithali. She has already alerted Mithali for such calls and so she manages to lie. They were scared with Aai’s sharpness.

Pushpa is having food with her family. She says about Deepti joining their family very soon. She’s also worried about Sonal’s pain of sending her daughter. At the same time Sonal looks at wedding lehenga and Deepti’s picture and gets emotional. Deepti finds her crying and hugs her. Pushpa shares about it being the biggest pain of her life. Sonal shares with her about how she would life witout her after her departure. Sonal says that she’s relieved that when there is Pushpa who would definitely make sure to fulfil her place of mother. Pushpa also wants to be a mother to Deepti. Sonal advises her to face things bravely and if needed she should take help from Pushpa. Rashi reminds her that Deepti can’t live without AC. Sonal also says that Pushpa would have already ensured her comfort in the house. Sonal proposes to exchange mother in law with Deepti.

Precap : Pushpa and Neelima will visit the hospital and Nurse will say about Bapodhara visiting Ramesha is his friend. They both will get confused. Neelima will say Pushpa that she never saw Bapodhara speaking with Ramesh.

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