Pushpa Impossible 29th July 2022 Written Update: Pushpa and Rashi gets thrown out of the class.


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The episode starts with Pushpa speaking with her father’s lamp about her problems. She recalls Kaku’s words. Bapodhara suffers with stomach upset and calls Susheela for medicine forgetting that she’s not home. He keeps shouting and soon realizes that he threw her out. Prarthana gives him medicine and he praises it. She says that she won’t talk with him until her mother comes back. Bapodhara gets irritated.

Prarthana brings food for Susheela who gets emotional. She refuses the food but Kaku asks her to have it as her daughter brought it with love. Susheela agrees to have it. Prarthana asks her to come back home as Bapodhara won’t stop her if she comes back. Kaku is against it as it will be a disrespect for Susheela as a woman. She says that it’s Bapodhara who threw her out and it should be him who should apologize and take her back and says it will happen for sure.

Pushpa comes to Bapodhara who gets angry seeing her. She tries convincing him to let go regarding Susheela but Bapodhara asks her not to interfere between him and his wife issue. Pushpa says that they were living there for so many years and asks why don’t he show courtesy towards them. Bapodhara says that it’s enough that they lived so long and asks them to vacate. He calls her thief for using his wife to get the agreement papers.

Pushpa says that it’s not her who asked her to steal it and pleads him to not punish Susheela but he turns deaf ears. Rashi is in school and calls Aryan secretly. Aryan mocks her with his friends and attends the call. Rashi asks where should she ask sorry and he says he will text the place and cuts the call.

In class, Both Pushpa and Rashi were lost in each other’s problems. Teacher calls them out and scolds Pushpa for getting over confidence after getting pass mark in exams. She recalls the parent teacher meeting and mocks Pushpa for her words. She throws both of them out of the class. Pushpa scolds Rashi for blacking out as she was worried about Susheela issue. They both fight while Pushpa says the teacher taking out her frustration for parent teacher meeting.

Sam sees Rashi getting message and is about to put the phone in silent but sees Aryan’s message about the address. He wonders what it is. Teacher notices him lost too and throws him out of the class. Sam joins Rashi and Pushpa and suggests to go to canteen instead of staying there. They all leave.

Chirag finds Pushpa lost and asks what happened. Pushpa says that she’s worried about Susheela and Chirag says Prarthana is also angry with him for starting it all with stealing the shirt. He can’t believe Bapodhara threw his wife out the house for it. Pushpa recalls a similar incident where her husband tried to throw her out of the house but she threw him out instead. She says Chirag to never behave like this ever. Chirag asks Pushpa to not give the agreement papers to Bapodhara.

Pushpa gets an idea that what if they prove that Bapodhara threatens and manipulate people who goes against him without using agreement papers. Chirag understands that they make judge doubt that Bapodhara has something against them to manipulate them and he will be forced to admit it. They shared about it with Amir Bhai who also likes it but is not sure about the credibility as bo one would give statement against Bapodhara staying in his Chawl. Pushpa thinks of a plan.

Precap : Deepti will go for outing with Pushpa and family. Pushpa will ask Rashi to join too but Rashi will say that she would go to school. She will go to school but then goes to meet Aryan. Sam and Parminder will notice it ahd will follow Rashi. He will call Pushpa and will say about Rashi. He will ask her to come there soon. Rashi will meet with Aryan.

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