Pushpa Impossible 29th September 2022 Written Update: Pushpa is confused to take the decision regarding Aryan’s request.


Pushpa Impossible 29th September 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Saran asking Nanavati that why would he want Pushpa to take over the canteen business. Nanavati says that he wants the positive vibe of Pushpa in the school and wants her to be a part of the school by any means. He believes that she could learn in many otter ways. Prarthana shows attitudinal towards Chirag offended bu his words. Pushpa discusses about the contract with Rashi, Chirag, Ashwin and others and they wee against her workload. Pushpa says that there’s no job that comes to them without any reason and she wants to try it. Bapodhara gets a marriage invitation and waits for Prarthana to check her Shagun money to payback for the marriage.

Aryan comes to meet Pushpa as she sends everyone away after discussing to make a plan. Rashi gets angry hearing him and Ashwin and Chirag pounce on him. Aryan pleads to meet with Pushpa but they all were against it. Pushpa notices Aryan not retaliating despite Ashwin throwing him out of the Chawl dragging him. Pushpa comes to Aryan and warns him to not come back again. Aryan pleads her to listen to him only once and not converse with him. He says that his father tried a lot but he couldn’t get seat in any school. He says now his father also lost his job and they have no way to get another admission. He pleads Pushpa to speak to Nanavati to take him back. He agrees to leave school anytime if he mistake again. Pushpa feels bad seeing his regret and leaves home.

Rashi still wants to file police complaint against Aryan but Pushpa told her why Aryan was there. Rashi is completely against it and warns Pushpa to not hell him at any cost. Pushpa understands Rashi’s point of view too. She discuss with Kaku who understands Rashi’s point of view. Pushpa says she saw pure regret in his eyes and couldn’t ignore it too. Kaku says only few people think from heart and she’s one among them. She asks her to follow her heart. Pushpa makes list and includes Neelima in her group of staff along with Kokila and Bhavana. She orders things from Mahendra’s place and they plan a healthy yet tasty menu. Pushpa notices the bruise on Neelima’s hand and calls out her perseverance.

Pushpa is with Manish and Sonal when they asks her about Aryan. Pushpa says about Aryan regretting for his behavior but Manish and Sonal asks her to think about the plan behind the drama. Pushpa thinks everyone are saying the same and wonders they are right. On her way back home she again finds Aryan who’s waiting for her for past two hours. He pleads her again for his admission.

Precap : Pushpa will be in canteen when Pramod will come there. He will ask Where’s Aryan as he last is came to meet her and didn’t return after that. He will accuse that they did something to him.

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