Pushpa Impossible 2nd July 2022 Written Update: Rashi furious that Pushpa got admission.


Pushpa Impossible 2nd July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Rashi lashing out at Ashutosh for giving admission to Pushpa without caring about her feelings and threatens to quit the school if he doesn’t reconsider his decision. It all turns out to be her dream as her friend makes her come out of her trance. Rashi leaves without answering. Pushpa prays in temple for fulfilling her wish to get admission. She thanks God for the same and promises to do her best. She gives offering and money to a beggar who blesses her kids with food education. Pushpa asks her to bless her for education as she’s also going to study. The begged gets shocked but doesn’t believe here so does another lady. Pushpa gets irked. She decides to throw a party and calls Mahendra to bring their friend to hotel without saying details.

Rashi angrily comes home and throws away her bag. Ashwin and Chirag asks what’s the matter and Rashi angrily says to them about Pushpa getting admission. She’s frustrated and Ashwin tries consoling her but in vain. Pushpa meets Mahendra and her friend in hotel and gives them the good news that she got admission in school. She says that it’s her treat and they praise her for already speaking student’s language. Her friend gifts her a pen and Pushpa shares with the hotel employee that she got admission in school but he was equally shocked. Pushpa rushes to Kaku and shares to her about getting admission in school. Kaku feels proud of her and blesses her. Pushpa wants to share the happiness with her children but Kaku warns her to not get demotivated no matte what. Pushpa agrees and leaves.

Pushpa shares with Ashwin and Chirag about getting admission in school and they both warn her that it’s not easy to clear the exam. Pushpa shows confidence in herself. She adds that she would complete all her works before leaving to school and asks them not to worry. Pushpa says that their lives are going to change from the next day. She starts writing names of her books on label recalling her teacher’s teaching from childhood. Pushpa is working in kitchen and Ashwin finds her awake by 3 am. He’s worried about her health but Pushpa is confident that she could do it. Pushpa does all the cooking and household chores and got ready to school with her bag. Ashwin wishes her good luck while Chirag feeds her sweetened curd on her first day.

Pushpa gets emotional. She leaves to Ashavari’s house to find Rashi still sleeping there. She is about to wake her up when Ashavari told her against it as it was difficult to handle Rashi the whole night and says she would take leave for today. Pushpa understands and leaves. Chawl people gets surprised and happy for Pushpa and Pushpa takes God’s blessings. She writes on board as an answer to Bapodhara’s mocking and Golu fed her sweet.

Precap : Pushpa will come to school and students will think that she’s a teacher but another student will say that she’s not teacher but Rashi’s mother. Teacher will introduce her as the new student in their class shocking everyone. Another teacher will ask Pushpa to introduce herself and she will try to introduce herself but children will laugh at her broken English.

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