Pushpa impossible 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Roshni gives courage to Rashi and other girls.


Pushpa impossible 2nd March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Rashi in need of water but is scared to ask. Roshni asks for her and Vishnu forwards the water towards them. Before Rashi could take it, he breaks the bottle and laughs at it. Roshni gets angry at them while Vishnu asks them to tie their hands and legs up. They get tied up. Another girl says that they won’t give them anything and asks them to not lose hope. Ashwin comes to Vasundhara and Mansi and fights with them for troubling his family continuously. He says about Dileep kidnapping Rashi for revenge and using her against Devi Singh for fighting the case. He leaves warning to not leave him if his suspicion is proved. Mansi is confused while Vasundhara thinks to speak with Dileep. Pushpa is worried about Rashi and wonders if she had food or not.

Rashi is also worried about her mother but Roshni gives her courage to not lose hope. Rashi asks why they are here and another girl says that they are planning to sell them. Guru calls Vishnu and instructs him to ask Devi to let the consignment with the girls leave without any difficulty within 24 hours. Dileep thinks that he’s very dangerous. Everyone at chawl were worried about Rashi while Pushpa hallucinates Rashi. Susheela and Sonal asks her to handle herself and not lose hope. Pushpa pleads Bapodhara to help her and Bapodhara suggests to search in all the places in Mumbai instead of sitting there worried. Everyone appreciates the idea while Pushpa thanks Bapodhara. Bapodhara says they need to keep enmity aside in such situations and is sure that she would have did the same for him if it’s Prarthana in the place of Rashi. Devi meets Dileep secretly in jail and asks his help to give details about Guru in exchange for his bail. Dileep thinks that it’s him who is responsible for her daughter’s kidnap and taunts Devi.

Roshni cuts Rashi’s rope with a glass piece while the other girls are scared for their life. Roshni and Rashi manages to untie themselves and drinks water from the pot. They give water to others too. Roshni asks Rashi to not lose hope as they need to save themselves despite their parent’s efforts. Vishnu comes there and asks for Rashi’s name. Rashi says her name and he ask them to be ready as they would be shifted soon. He finds then untied and gets angry. Bapodhara and others were searching for Rashi. Ashwin asks one of Rashi’s kidnapper about her and he lies that he didn’t see her. They resume searching while the kidnapper calls Vishnu and informs about Rashi’s family searching her near the kidnapped place. he wonders how did they find the location and decided to call Guru.

Precap : Devi will say Pushpa that Dileep agreed to help them and in return demands for his bail. She says that they need to do it in order to save Rashi, Roshni and other seven girls. Dileep will call Devi and will say that he has a plan to save them.

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