Pushpa Impossible 30th July 2022 Written Update: Bapodhara apologizes to Susheela and takes her back.


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The episode starts with Chirag recording statement against Bapodhara. Everyone gives statement against Bapodhara. Chirag asks for Susheela’s statement but Kaku asks him not to as its not right for her to give statement publicly. Chirag shows the statement to Pushpa and Aamir bhai. Bapodhara comes there and asks what he was recording. Chirag tries making some excuse that it’s college project but Bapodhara doesn’t believe him. He leaves and Pushpa asks Aamir Bhai for agreement copy and he gives it.

Pushpa comes to Bapodhara and shows him the agreement copy. Bapodhara asks what’s cooking in her mind and is about to take it but Pushpa snatches it back. She says that she would give it only if he apologize to Susheela and take her back. Bapodhara refuses at first but Pushpa asks him to choose between his wife and his defeat in court. She asks what’s the big deal to apologize to his wife and Bapodhara agrees.

Pushpa calls Susheela in front of everyone and Bapodhara apologizes to Susheela for his act and asks her to come back. Susheela notices the agreement copy in Pushpa’s hand and asks her not to lose her house for her self respect. Pushpa says nothing is above self respect and they both hug and gets emotional. Bapodhara asks Pushpa to not double cross him by making another copy of it. Pushpa says she is a fighter and not a cheater. Chirag video records Bapodhara with the agreement copy. Susheela goes to her house.

Bhavna, Radha Kaku and others praise Pushpa for her act. They all wish her good luck for her fight in court. Next day, Pushpa gets ready to leave to court and calls Rashi too but Rashi says she has to go to school. She thinks that it’s the right time to apologize Aryan and end the issue. Pushpa gives her the leave letter. Rashi calls Meghna and says about going to meet Aryan. She says that she don’t trust Aryan a bit and Meghna says a plan to her. Baskar asks Ashwin whether he thinks Pushpa can win the case using the video. Ashwin says he doesn’t know what’s going to happen and did whatever Aamir Bhai said. Bapodhara comes there and sends Susheela and Prarthana to stop them from supporting Pushpa.

Rashi comes to school and Teacher takes attendance. Rashi is lost when Pushpa’s name is called and Sam brings her to reality. She gives the leave letter to teacher. Pushpa is in car with Deepti, Chirag and Ashwin. Chirag asks Pushpa why is she nervous for which Pushpa says she fears whether Judge would accept the video as evidence. Ashwin is worried about the file as both him and Deepti were not present in office. He’s scared Pramod would do something with the file. Pushpa asks what’s the issue for which Ashwin says it’s nothing.

Precap : Sam follows Rashi as she will be on her way to apologize Aryan. Sam will inform Pushpa about it who will be in on her way to court and will ask her to come there soon.

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