Pushpa Impossible 30th September 2022 Written Update: Pushpa to open her canteen business


Pushpa Impossible 30th September 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Rashi angry that Pushpa spoke with Aryan. She doesn’t want her sympathising with him and warns to never speak with Pushpa if ever she supports him. Ashwin assures her that she wouldn’t and calms her down. Next dat, Pushpa met Nanavati in office agreeing for taking over the canteen contract. Nanavati is proud of her choice while Pushpa is grateful towards Nanavati for giving her a opportunity to be associated with the school. She tells about Aryan and asks Nanavati to give a Chand for him as she could see his genuine regret. Nanavati asks her ro consider about Radhika’s before taking any decision. Ashwin and Deepti met with Bharadwaj and warns him to not send his son to his home ever again. Bharadwaj has bo clue about what he’s speaking when Ashwin narrated him whatever happened. He threatened to inform Police about him if Aryan comes back.

Prarthana gets call from her mother asking about the Shagun covers box and Prarthana agrees to come and get it herself. She’s worried as she had used it for Chirag’s business. Pushpa introduced Bhavana, Kokila and Neelima to Nanavat and Saran. They all greeted each other while Pushpa explains their specialised parts of cooking. She says she’ll add her touch in whatever they make. In the evening, Ashwin says Pushpa that he spoke with Bharadwaj and Aryan won’t disturb her. Pushpa understands that Aryan visited her without his father knowing about it. Pushpa suggests to give a chance to Aryan as everyone of them make mistakes. She says he also deserves forgiveness. Rashi gets hyper hearing it and clears that she’ll never talk with her if she gave chance to Aryan.

Pushpa shared it with Kaku who understands Rashi but also says Pushpa that Aryan deserves a second chance. Bapodhara asks Prarthana for the Shagun covers and Prarthana tries escaping saying she lost the key but in vain. At night, again Aryan visited Pushpa pleading her to help him study. Pushpa says that his own father has not realized his mistake and Aryan says that he’ll change him. He plans something and leaves with a determination. Next day, Pushpa inaugurates the canteen with Nanavati opening it and Sudha gives her as the example of empowerment referring the other woman working with her. Bharadwaj comes there asking for Aryan as Aryan never returned after meeting Pushpa. Pushpa gets shocked hearing it.

Precap : Bharadwaj will bring Police to arrest Pushpa and Pushpa will get dragged away.

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