Pushpa Impossible 3rd February 2023 Written Update: DCP interrogates Pushpa in private.


Pushpa Impossible 3rd February 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Bapodhara having a conversation with Sunny. He gives Sunny’s share of property to him surprising Sunny. Bapodhara says that he wants to get relieved of his guilt and Sunny thanks him. He happily signs the papers while Bapodhara is relieved that he listened to Susheela’s words. He says he could finally get freed from his guilt. Pushpa finds Chirag playing cricket with other kids. She wants to join too and they give her the bat. She gets out in the first ball itself which further confuses her. Chirag cheers her up saying that it’s just not her day. Vasundhara and Mansi were worried for Dharam when Vasundhara enquires Doctor about his health. Doctor says that the test results are not much hopeful a nd suspects something wrong with his bone marrow. He suspects bone marrow cancer shocking them.

Vasundhara wants to shift him to Canada for better treatment but Doctor says that it doesn’t matter as it’s the treatment that matters and not the place. Vasundhara still calls her family doctor to discuss about Dharam. Constables share it with DCP. DCP visits Pushpa’s house and takes her in private. Rashi suspects Pushpa as DCP questions her about her visit to Dharam’s house. Bapodhara also suspects seeing Pushpa leaving in DCP car. Ashwin and Deepti come there and Rashi confronts them about the truth. They cover up with some excuse but Rashi is not convinced. DCP asks Pushpa the reason for her visit to Raidhan house and they she lies that it’s about the misunderstanding. DCP is not convinced.

Pushpa asks Ashwin about his conversation with Mansi. He says that it was such an awkward conversation as they didn’t knew how to react in the situation. He says that he and Mansi were a good team as they had the right will power and wishes that things were different. Pushpa says that it’s always that way as they wish for thing is to be different but it’s not. Ashwin is outraged a t the contrast characters of Dharam and Dileep who is the same person in the end. Pushpa says that all is well that ends well and says that it’s good that he left to Canada and they can have a fresh start. Bapodhara suspects what’s the matter between DCP and Pushpa. He enquires Susheela about what’s the issue that Pushpa’s house visited by DCP often these days. Susheela asks why’s he curious about it and Bapodhara says that there is definitely something big.

Precap : Vasundhara will ask for an option to save Dharam. Doctor will say that there os only one option and that’s bone marrow donor. He will say that it can be only blood related. Vasundhara will visit Pushpa house to request her while Pushpa will be shocked to see her.

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