Pushpa impossible 4th March 2023 Written Update: Mansi offers to help Pushpa’s family


Pushpa impossible 4th March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Dileep asking guru about his daughter Rashi Patel. Guru calls Vishnu and confirms with him that Dileep Pate’s daughter Rashi Patel is also kidnapped. He learns from Vishnu that her neighbors got close to their location and asks him to shift their place immediately. Dileep pretends to be in pain and says that he’s a cancer patient. They call jailer for help. Bapodhara cheers up Pushpa in his own way and also indirectly expresses his concern towards her. Dileep pleads Guru to speak with his daughter once. Guru calls Vishnu and asks him to put Rashi on speaker. He gives the phone to Rashi who is shocked to find Dileep on call.

Dileep assures her that he will release her while Rashi is stunned. The others question about it as Rashi told them about Dileep’s backstory. She says that she doesn’t trust him. Pushpa meets with Shikawat and Tejaswi and they discuss about their next move. Pushpa is worried and Devi gives courage to her. Devi demands to meet Dileep Patel and Tejaswi gets the news that Dileep started his drama already in jail. Pushpa appreciates Devi’s courage who’s not only concerned about her own child but also the other children. Pooja takes place in chawl when Pushpa imagines Rashi there and cries. Mansi comes there confusing them. Dileep finds Guru’s man changing sim and eh helps him. He pretends like breaking the old sim but secures it.

Everyone gets shocked seeing Mansi there. Ashwin asks Mansi why is she here. Mansi says that she’s there to thank them for helping them save Dileep. Pushpa clears that it wasn’t their intention to save him but Mansi says that she still wants to help them. Pushpa says that them leaving the place is the biggest help they could do for him. She says that the next day Dileep’s bail hearing will happen and asks them to leave after that. Ashwin asks what does she mean by it and Pushpa says it’s a long story and she’ll say it later. Mansi still wants to help them in any way and Deepti thanks her. She says that they are together and that’s their biggest strength.

Ashwin wants to send off Mansi and Mansi leaves saying that she’s fine. Pushpa scolds Ashwin’s for his kind behavior towards Mansi and Ashwin says that Mansi is innocent in all this and asks why should they show their anger on him. Doctor checks Dileep and takes him out to Hospital. Dileep mocks Tejaswi on his way out. Vasundhara and Pushpa face off. They express their individual hate for each other due to Dileep. Dileep comes there.

Precap : Pushpa say family that Dileep will get Rashi released. They ask how and Pushpa is sure that Dileep has his criminal ways. The kidnappers bring Rashi with them and Police wait for them to catch them but the kidnappers will ask Pushpa to get in and says they would leave her on the way. Dileep plans to get his revenge on Pushpa after coming out.

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