Pushpa Impossible 4th November 2022 Written Update: Emotional performance moves the audience.


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The episode starts with Ashwin and Deepti dancing on kesariya. Everyone enjoys their mesmerizing performance. The thieves make use of the situation to get their hands-on jewelry cupboard. Pushpa and Sonal says about how they were hesitant about the relationship at start. However the credit the elders blessings for the relationship to reach wedding. So they invite Kaku and Dadi on stage for a performance. Dadi shies at first but later both gave a graceful performance on sasural genda phool song.the thieves gets their hands on locker. Next they announce the performance of younger generation. First Prarthana and Rashi performs but soon Rashi leaves and Chirag joins Prarthana. Susheela had a hard time controlling Bapodhara who was angry that Prarthana for dancing with Chirag. After their performance, Prarthana apologizes Bapodhara. The thieves checked the whole cupboard but couldn’t find the jewels. They make another plan. Next, Pushpa and Sonal gives a splendid performance taking everyone by shock.

Susheela asks Bapodhara if he met Ramesh in hospital and Bapodhara says yes. He says that he passed by the way and paid hima visit. Susheela asks it’s surprising that he visited someone like Ramesh. Bapodhara lies that he still had to pay his 6 months rent. Susheela asks if he vistited a coma patient for rent and Bapodhara lies yes. She asks if Ramesh calls him Sethji. Bapodhara says that not only him amny people call him Seth ji. Susheela is still doubtful. Pushpa says that she’s lucky to bring a daughter home. Sonal says that seeing chawl she feels that she had a very small family without any much relationships. Pushpa says that the moment she became her son’s in law she’s a part of their family and all the chawl people are her relations too. However, she says that there is someone who’s sending off his most valuable possession whom he took care from the day she was born. She calls Manish to stage.

Manish gets on stage and says that every father fears the moment from the time their daughter is born. However, he’s relieved that he’s giving away his daughter to someone much better than him. He says he’s both jealous and happy about it. He says that from the next day his name will leave from his daughter’s name and will get added to Ashwin’s name. However, he says that she’s still Deepti Manish Parekh now and wants to have a dance with her.Ashwin takes her to stage and they give an emotional performance making everyone teary.

Precap: Pushpa will get shocked as the jewels gets stolen. Kaku will offer to give her jewels but Pushpa will say that she already shown each jewel to Dadi. She says that Dadi will think that she exchanged the jewels showing something else. Kaku will say that they are trapped badly.

The episode starts with Pushpa saying everyone about Sonal and her performing for the sangeet and also about the arrival of Sonal’s saasu maa also coming with them. Deepti comes with her family and Dai complaints about none receiving her. Pushpa bumps with Dadi as she was instructing Mahendra from behind. Dadi winces in pain and scolds Pushpa for hurting her hip. Sonal asks Manish to already cancel he wedding while everyone else gets shocked. Pushpa apologizes her and identifies her as Deepti’s Dai. She greets her and Manish introduces Manisha and Pushpa to her. Dadi keeps tau ting Pushpa and family while Pushpa had a hard time dealing with her. She throws tantrums for furniture to juice and Pushpa fulfils her requests immediately. Pushpa introduces Rashi and Chirag and gets them to take her blessings too.

The thieves try to make use of the situation to enter Pushpa’s house but the manager sends them to serve starters. Dadi asks for Ashwin’s kundali while Pushpa has a hard time dealing with her. She goes in followed by others and Dadi sends Sonal and Manish with her too. Pushpa is very much scared and says Sonal that she now understands the reason for her fear. She asks Manish whether she’s really her son as it’s seems difficult to believe it. Sonal asks her to come up with a solution and Ashwin suggests to say the truth. Pushpa alsothinks that it’s the right thing and decides to say the truth. Kaku comes to Dadi and introduces herself to her. She says that Pushpa is like a daughter to her and also says that Pushpa is someone who raised above difficulty. She says that she doesn’t trust in kundali and so didn’t write it. Dadi gets shocked and angry hearing it.

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