Pushpa Impossible 5th December 2022 Written Update: Deepti makes a blunder which hurts Pushpa.


Pushpa Impossible 5th December 2022 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Bapodhara meeting with Sunny’s mother and asking for Sunny. She says that he wishes to meet him but can’t as he don’t get holidays. Bapodhara says that he’s goimg to crack a big deal and after that he will send Prarthana to abroad. He suggests to send Sunny too when she asks whether Sussheela won’t feel alone if Prarthana leaves. Bapodhara asks why will she when he’s with her. She agrees with him saying that Susheela is lucky to have him by her side. Bapodhara coldn’t answer it. He comes back home when Pushpa confronts him for his disappearance. Bapodhara asks her to mind her own business and leaves. Pushpa thinks that she can’t let injustice happen with her friend.

Saran brings Rashi and Aryan to the old age home where Kaku is present. He says about the abandoned people there by her won family. E leaves to check on Kaku while Rashia nd Aryan leaves the other way. They miss seeing Kaku. Saran again tries speaking with Kaku but she doesn’t respond. Rashi calls Saran and he leaves with them. Pushpa says Chirag about Bapodhara visiting a certain place in Surat for years by making various excuses. She asks him to go and check to find out the truth. Chirag leaves immediately. Deepti is ironing Pushpa’s patoda when she gets Ashwin’s call. She by mistake keeps the iron box on the saree and goes to speak. The saree gets burnt while Deepti gets shocked. She cries seeing her blunder and Pushpa is equally shocked. Deepti cries vigorously and apologizes Pushpa but Pushap asks her to not worry as it’s just a mistake. She hides her pain in front of Deepti.

Susheela sks for cupboard keys to take some money but Bapodhara makes excuse saying that he himself will get it. He’s scared that she would see the papers he signed with Mansi. Deepti spends sleepless night as she cries over her blunder. She recalls how much important the saree is for Pushpa. Pushpa cries holding the saree without anyone notice. Deepti tries to find ways to mend the saree but nothing feels satisfied. She comes out and Pushpa immediately pretends to sleep. She cries for Pushpa and leaves while Pushpa again bursts out in tears once she leaves. Kaku recalls her son and daughter in law abandoning her in the ashram and felt sleepless. Chirag reaches the said address and enquires about ti ti people. He finds a house with Bapodhara’s ame and thinks that his suspicion is true.

Precap : Chirag will enquire Sunny’s mother about the members of the house. She will say three members referring to herself, her son Sunny and before she could complete Chirag will take Bapodhara name. Pushpa will confront Bapodhara that whether he has anyone known from Surat while Bapodhara will get shocked.

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