Pushpa Impossible 6th December 2022 Written Update: Deepti visits her parent’s house.


Pushpa Impossible 6th December 2022 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Chirag enquiring Bharti about her house members. She says there are three people including herself, her son Sunny and her servant maid. Chirag asks about Bapodhara. She says that he’s her husband who died years back. Chirag leaves after collecting the details. Deepti says Ashwin and Rashi about her blunder. She regrets for ruining Pushpa’s saree. Pushpa comes there wearing the same saree and everyone gets surprised. She shows them the patch she made which is visible only from inside. Deepti still feels bad as it has left a mark. Pushpa reasons that till yesterday the saree was just a memory of her father but now she created her own identity in it. She says memories are not about being perfect but to embrace the imperfect. They ask about Chirag and Pushpa says she sent him away for some work. She wishes that her suspicion doesn’t turn true as she can’t see her friend suffering adultery. She gets Chirag’s call who says about all the details he gathered. Pushpa is still not sure.

She goes to Bapodhara and confronts him that whether he knew someone from Surat. Bapodhara gets scared for a second but handles himself and answers her with attitude. Pushpa noticed the slight change in his attitude and suspected something behind it. Pushpa does prayers for her father. Everyone were having food prepared by Pushpa. Baskar appreciates her uniqueness in taste. Pushpa suggests to visit the old age home where Rashi visits and give her handmade food to the elders. Everyone likes the idea. Ashwin shows his designs to Mansi who taunts him for taking help from his wife. She says that she needs his help to convince the Chawl people.

Deepti visits her parents who were elated to meet her. She sits down and narrated whatever happened. Sonal scolded her for not being careful while Deepti told her how Pushpa handled the situation with ease. Sonal is astounded by Pushpa’s positivity and problem handling technique. She wants to invite everyone for dinner but Deepti says they’ve gone to home to feed the elders. Pushpa, Saran, Rashi and Aryan are serving the elders while Kaku is in her room recalling all the words her family used to cheat her. She suddenly suffers heart attack . The caretaker calls for Saran who immediately calls the ambulance. Pushpa looks at the chaos but couldn’t see Kaku’s face. Saran sends her to get Kaku’s things and she gets shocked seeing that it belonged to Kaku and gets shocked.

Precap : Pushpa will accuse Bapodhara for obtaining Kaku’s property without her consent. Bapodhara will show her legal papers where Kaku’s signature is present along with hers as witness shocking Pushpa.

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