Pushpa Impossible 6th July 2022 Written Update: Nanavati and Saran threatens Rashi.


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The episode starts with Chirag saying Ashwin that though he’s not particularly fond of Pushpa going to school he felt bad when she decided to quit for Rashi. Ashwin says it’s the same and wonders how to convince Rashi. Chirau will come up with a plan and will ask Ashwin help for it too. He asks Ashwin to convince Rashi while he would convince Pushpa. They both agreed to give it a try. Next day, Pushpa gives tiffin to Rashi in order to send her off. Rashi prays in temple while Bapodhara taunts Rashi and Pushpa for taking turns to go to school. Susheela tried shutting his mouth but in vain.

Chirag asks Ashwin to go with Rashi for doing his part of work. Ashwin suggests Rashi to drop her in school. Bapodhara again mocks them for ladies busy in studying while men in the family busy with picking them up and dropping them. Ashwin calls Bapodhara and asks if he said something but Bapodhara says no. Ashwin says Bapodhara to stay in his limits as they are keeping quite as their mother taught to respect elders. He leaves to school with Rashi. Rashi and Ashwin are in auto when Ashwin says Rashi about Pushpa’s efforts to get the admission. Rashi is not convinced to pity with Pushpa as she doesn’t want to face embarrassment. She gets off in school. Ashwin geeks says that his part failed and wished Chirag would manage to convince Pushpa.

Chirag is upset and Pushpa asks the reason. Chirag says that he feels to quit college as everyone says he’s not cut out for education. Pushpa scolds him for thinking so. Chirag says he’s behaving like very who’s scared to face something and turning away from it. Pushpa argues with him but Chirag says in finality that he would go to college only if she goes back to school. Pushpa feels caught up by Rashi and Chirag. Rashi comes to school and Sam greets her. He asks for Pushpa but Rashi behaves rude egg him and leaves angrily. Nanavati noticed it all from his room and thinks that Rashi has something to do with Pushpa’s absence. He shares with it with Saran and they both decides to contact Pushpa regarding it.

Nanavati calls Pushpa and they both simultaneously says that they have to meet the other person. Ashwin and Chirag says Deepti about Pushpa’s decision. Pushpa comes there saying she’s leaving for important work and left with her her oursey. She meets Nanavati at tea school and they discuss about Pushpa’s decision. Nanavati advises her to nit give up after fighting so much. He asks her to not vet ob her life but Pushpa says she did that from long time now. She comes up with a plan and narrates it to Nanavatk.

During interval Rashi gets called and Saran and Nanavati pretend like they were wsitkhyy. They say that they would suspend Rashi for what she did with Pushpa but Rashi doesn’t fade away. They threaten to suspend her the same way she did with Pushpa but Rashi pointed that Pushpa left because she couldn’t understand the syllabus.

Precap : Nanavati and Saran will give an ultimatum to Rashi that after three months there would be internal exams and Pushpa must clear it for hey to continue her study in the school. On the other hand, Rashi must score above 80% in order for her to not get suspended. Rashi will get shocked hearing it.

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