Pushpa Impossible 6th June 2022 Written Update: Pushpa values her self-respect.


Pushpa Impossible 9th April 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Pushpa waking up before everyone from her family and looks at her husband’s picture. She finds the gas pipe line repaired and wonders how to make food. She recalls getting sudden order of cooking for 30 people for a marriage function. She cooks with wood. She completes cooking and at morning, she wakes up her children. They scold her for lighting fire in Chawl. Ashwin asks from where did she get the wood for fire and his neighbour comes and says that his wooden chairs that were outside were missing. Ashwin looks accusing at Pushpa. They buy new stools for them. Her neighbour scolds her for trying to burn down the place. She gets angry when he mentions about her husband. Ashwin asks what’s the need to do it as anyhow she has lost the money she earned for the stool. He asks what’s left with her and she says her mouth.

The person who gave sudden order came there and thanks her for her suddenly help on time. He gives her 3000 and says it was impossible to do it but Pushpa says there’s I M POSSIBLE in impossible and that she would make it happen. He takes his leave. Deepti visits the house and Rashi greets her. She says Ashwin is getting ready and Pushpa acts like her everyday self in front of of her. Ashwin feels embarrassed but Deepti dowsing mind it. Pushpa finds a letter under Chirag’s bed and Ashwin reads it. He says that Principal has called Chirag’s parent as he didn’t pay fees for the past 6 “months and has very low attendance too. Pushpa decides to visit his collage. Deepti and Ashwin are in car and Deepti asks Ashwin to speak with her parents about their marriage but Ashwin is worried about their status difference.

Pushpa takes he’ll from a student to reach Principals office and introduces herself as Chirag’s mother. Principal says about her husband visiting yesterday and Pushpa gets angry. She says that he died when Chirag was 3 and Principal calls Chirag. He asks him to call his father again and Chirag asks the reason for it. Pushpa appears in front of him and says that she wants to see his father. Pushpa angrily lashes out at him and Principal calms her.

Chirag comes home and Pushpa taunts hik. He replies back and Pushpa mentions about his theft from her money. Chirag doesn’t want to eat but Pushpa provoked him. She shared with grandmother about her suffering after her husband left hey at such a young age and pours her pain to her. She however recollects herself and encourages herself to do well. Deepti says her mother about her boyfriend and her mother says she doesn’t want a Prince but she should have atleast basic needs in her household. On the other hand, Pushpa is also talking with Ashwin about Chirag and says that money is not permanent. Both Mrs. Patel and Pushpa has completely contrast characters. Mrs. Patel calls Pushpa and gives her the cooking order for next day party.

Precap : Mrs. Patel will scold Pushpa for delivering late. Deepti will say her mother that she is loving someone from her office and he lives in Chawl. Ashwin will inform that Deepti’s mother will meet Pushpa the next day.