Pushpa impossible 6th March 2023 Written Update: Dileep spends 5 crore to save Rashi


Pushpa impossible 6th March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Devi Singh asking Dileep abut what did he do. Dileep says that he spoke with Rashi through phone and the rest he would say only after getting bail. Pushpa tries asking him about what he spoke with Rashi but he leaves without answering her. Pushpa that they can’t trust him but Devi assures her that she would do whatever it takes to save their kids and they need to save Dileep for the same. Trial starts and Lawyer states that Dileep is a big criminal and his bail plea must be rejected right away. Devi counter argues that the only proven thing is that Dileep forged his identity faking his death and the rest is yet to be proved. She says that Dileep is a cancer patient and he need medical assistance for his unstable health. Judge postpones the judgement for the next day. Vasundhara thanks Devi Singh who says that she didn’t do it for Dileep. Devi asks Dileep for his proof and Dileep gives her the sim card through which he spoke with Rashi. Devi and Pushpa gets elated. Dileep promises to make his next move. At jail, Dileep pretends to be sick and demands Guru to release Rashi . Guru assures that he would release her and asks him not to worry. Dileep calls Vasundhara and asks her to give 5 crore to Vishnu without giving her the details. Guru calls Vishnu to collect the 5 crore from Vasundhara. Vishnu says Rashi that her father spent 5 crore to rescue her. Rashi is surprised by his act while Roshni says that her father is ready to give any money to save her. She says that her mother is a big lawyer but still she won’t do it. She says she would try to rescue her in other ways. Rashi gets confused with Dileep’s act.

Dileep then calls Devi and asks her to send Pushpa to get Rashi from kidnappers. Devi says the same to Pushpa while Pushpa wonders what did Dileep do to rescue Rashi. Devi says Pushpa that now it’s her who needs to save other girls along with Rashi. Pushpa assures her that she won’t stop with rescuing Rashi as the other girls mean the same for their mothers. She promises to do whatever she could to rescue the others too. Devi says that the fire in her is enough for them to rescue the girls. Pushpa says about going alone to bring Rashi when Ashwin and others are against it. Pushpa makes him understand that it’s necessary to rescue Rashi and others and she needs to take the risk. They all wonder how Dileep made Guru release Rashi. On the other hand, Dileep circles Rashi’s name saying that he invested 5 crore in her so that she would believe that he would do anything for her. He says it’s the first step to get his revenge on Pushpa for sending him to jail.

Precap : Pushpa will wait to get Rashi from the kidnappers while Police will be watching over them hiding. Vishnu will ask him to get inside the car so that he would drop her in the signal. She will get in when they speed away with Pushpa too. Pushpa tries fighting them when Vishnu points Gun at Rashi saying that no one would get out anymore.

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