Pushpa Impossible 8th June 2022 Written Update: Pushpa gets offended by Sonal.


Pushpa Impossible 8th April 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Deepti leaving to tip Pushpa but finds her left already. She asks Sarita about it who says that she left after getting urgent call from her son. Deepti is surprised that she left without getting paid. Pushpa learns from her son that Deepti’s parents are hough to visit the house to meet her and Chirag mocks their small house. Pushpa says that she would decorate the house well and presentable but Rashi says that she’s more interested in seeing her over Ashwin.

Pushpa assures Ashwin that everything would go well and Ashwin gets happy. Next day, everyone fight for collecting water when Pushpa says about girl’s family coming to meet her son. Everyone congratulates her and is ready to help her in anyway except one guy. His daughter Prarthna however behaves sweet with everyone. They all discuss about Prarthna’s marriage but get father says that she’s tok young for it. Pushpa will ask Prarthna’s father to be happy with other’s happiness too. Chirag will tease him. Prarthna asks Chirag to drop her in market but her father asks her to go by rickshaw. She’s about to go but Chirag brings his bike and she leaves with him.

Pushpa is searching for Chirag and finds him playing cricket. She also wishes to play cricket but worries about Deepti’s family coming there. She decides to play as there’s still time. However Deepti’s family starts early as Donal believes from her experience that it’s always better to go early ti find the real situation instead of the ones that they want to show. Deepti texts Ashwin about them coming early but Ashwin sees it very late. Ashwin searches for Pushpa and finds her playing the last ball where she needs a six. She hits the ball and the ball goes and hit Sonal’s eyes who just came there.

Pushpa and everyone panics while Prarthna worries what if it’s Ashwin’s future in laws. Pushpa rushes to Sonal and apologizes her and Sonal asks what’s she doing there. Deepti asks how does she know Pushpa and Sonal says she’s the one who came to cook last night shocking Deepti. Ashwin apologizes and takes them in.

Ashwin says Deepti that it’s going rough but Deepti says it was already ruined yesterday as Pushpa cooked at her house last night. Everyone got shocked. Pushpa’s loud and no filter behaviour is not liked by Sonal while her children feels embarrassed. Ashwin tries managing the situation asking her to serve the guests abs she goes to make tea as Deepti’s father wants to have it. She serves the samosas with raw hand and Sonal doesn’t touch it. She gives the money which she was supposed to pay Pushpa last night to Ashwin. Pushpa asks Ashwin to return as they can’t take money in relations. Sonal says the relationship is not finalised it and Ashwin accepts it.

Sonal says Pushpa that she’s favourite worker for her friend and its good that she came as replacement. Everyone feels awkward with the mention of it while Rashi reprimands her. Pushpa says that everyone is a worker one way or another. She says that she’s proud of being a worker as she raised her children being the same worker. She says that everyone is a worker as she works for her business and Deepti is a worker in her office so does her father. She indirectly taunts Sonal. Sonal takes her leave and before leaving she apologizes Pushpa in case if she offended her. Pushpa says that she’s also sorry in case if she felt hurt (both by her words and the ball). Deepti’s family takes their leave.

Precap : Deepti’s parents will say Deepti that if she gets married to the house then she may need to adjust a last. Pushpa’s children will scold her for overreacting and Ashwin will be worried that the alliance wouldn’t happen. Pushpa will promise Ashwin that she will make it happen while Sonal will say Deepti that she won’t let the alliance take place.

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