Pushpa Impossible 9th August 2022 Written Update: Pushpa gets a place in Chawl courtyard.


Pushpa Impossible 9th August 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Deepti showing the picture of Pushpa and family in courtyard along with their things. Manish suggests to go there to support them but Deepti says they would feel awkward. Bapodhara watches Pushpa and her family still outside and asks why didn’t they vacate yet. Susheela says they would leave soon and says she spent tears there and it’s not easy to leave just like that. Bapodhara says she can take 4 hours too but should vacate for sure. Pushpa asks Ashwin for his plan B and says they can move to his company flat. Ashwin says there’s no house or even job left and narrates whatever happened. Pushpa cries for Ashwin hugging him. She asks him not to fall weak. Chirag and Rashi also cries.

Bapodhara comes there with few men and says that he got people to help them move but Pushpa warns him to not touch her things. She lashes out at him but Bapodhara asks his men to throw everything out. Pushpa fights with him and herself moves the things out with the help of others and blocks the entrance. She says that he can even call Police and she knows how to handle. She says that even he can’t leave outside now.

Bapodhara gets angry but Susheela and Prarthana pleads him to let them stay in the courtyard. They even threaten to go to Susheela’s father’s house if he doesn’t listen. Bapodhara doesn’t listen and calls Lawyer. He explains situation to him and his Lawyer warns him to not call Police. He says that they won the case after lots of hooks and crooks and if it again gets reopened they would get sympathy in their favour. He asks him to let them stay there as its just a matter of three or four days.

Bapodhara cuts the call and pretends like he’s letting them stay for Prarthana and Susheela. He allows them stay in courtyard and Pushpa immediately rushes with her things inside. Deepti, Manish and Sonal comes there. Sonal hugs Pushpa and is astounded by her braveness. She suggests them to come with them packing their things but Pushpa says that she needs to stay there to rescue her house. They insist but she still doesn’t listen.

They gets served of tea when Sonal suggests that not her and her sons but Rashi can’t stay in open. Pushpa asks her to take Rashi alone home but Rashi refuses saying that she’ll not go leaving them. Pushpa feels proud. Deepti wants to stay with them for the night which is not liked by Sonal. Manish learns that Pushpa was aware of Ashwin’s job issue and is surprised seeing her bravery. He promises to take care of the court issue. Sonal and Manish are home and they are worried about Deepti’s future as now Ashwin don’t have even house or job.

Precap : Bapodhara will stick Ashwin’s bribery news and will mock Ashwin. He will raise hands on Pushpa’s upbringing but Pushpa gives him a warning.

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