Pushpa impossible Upcoming Story: Ashwin to lash out at Pushpa


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Sab TV channel launched a brand new show titled Pushpa Impossible starring Karuna Pandey alongside Garima Parihar and Darshan Gurjar. Earlier its seen that Pushpa fought with assistant commissioner of Municipality Namrata. Now it will be seen that Ashwin will lash out at Pushpa.

Previously we have seen that, Pushpa saw Rashi with a boy but didn’t ask anything. Rashi went with her friend to get study materials while Pushpa took help from a lady regarding the admission. Everyone passed comments at Pushpa’s uneducated behaviour.

Pushpa fought with the lady for not guiding her when she stood in the long line. She got angry when the lady mentioned her as uneducated. She got call from Bhavana regarding the issue with the assistant commissioner of Municipal office. She rushed there and angrily confronted the officer Namrata.

Namrata got angry with her behaviour and called her uneducated. This infuriated Pushpa even more and engaged in a fight. Namrata out of fury, refused to send even a drop of water to her Chawl. Chawl people scolded Pushpa for overreacting and landing everyone in trouble.

Bapodhara also blamed Pushpa and asked her to solve the issue herself. Later, Ashwin met with Deepti’s parents regarding wedding preparations when the officer Namrata came there. She was revealed to be Sonali’s close friend and Sonali introduced her to Ashwin.

Namrata complained about a lady’s (referring to Pushpa’s) behaviour towards her and badmouthed uneducated Chawl people. Ashwin felt uncomfortable.

In the future episodes we will witness, Ashwin will scold Pushpa for not having a control of her emotions. He will lash out at her for behaving the same way with outsiders like she does with Chawl people. He will say that the person she fought with is Namrata Shirodkar who is a good friend of Sonali. He will say that both she and Sonali are of same age group but have massive difference.

Will Deepti’s parents accept her relationship with Ashwin? How will Pushpa solve the water problem? Will Sonali again rethink her decision?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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