Pushpa impossible Upcoming Story: Bapodhara to hire thugs?


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Sab TV channel launched a brand new show titled Pushpa Impossible starring Karuna Pandey alongside Garima Parihar and Darshan Gurjar. Earlier its seen that Pushpa lost her case against Bapodhara. Now it will be seen that Bapodhara will hire rogues to throw Pushpa’s things out.

Previously we have seen that, Ashwin faced enquiry and explained a lot from his side but committee people were not satisfied and suspended him. Ashwin got even more shocked as he learnt that Pushpa lost the case. Bapodhara got hold of the court copy and mocked Pushpa.

Ashwin held Bapodhara’s collar for insulting Pushpa and hid about his suspension from her. Sonal learnt about Ashwin from Deepti and was equally shattered. Chawl people offered to let Pushpa in their house but Bapodhara was against it.

Pushpa vacated the house and gave the keys to Bapodhara. Bapodhara blamed Kaku for Pushpa’s condition while Pushpa showed him the mirror. Sonal was very much worried about Pushpa who had to face so much.

In the future episodes we will witness, Bapodhara will bring goons and will ask them to throw Pushpa’s stuff out of the Chawl. Everyone will get shocked seeing his atrocities.

Will Pushpa pass her exams? Will Pushpa vacate Bapodhara’s Chawl? Will Ashwin prove his innocence?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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