Pushpa Impossible Upcoming Story: Rashi and Rohini to get kidnapped.


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Sab Tv popular show Pushpa currently focuses on Dharam \’s revenge on Pushpa and his efforts to get out of jail.

Previously we have seen that, Bapodhara came to visit Dharam in jail who mocked him for his situation. Dharam threatened him to ruin him using his influence. Pushpa learnt about Vasundhara planning to hire a top lawyer called Devi Singh Shikawat to fight Dileep’s case.

Ashwin and Chirag installed tracker app in Rashi’s phone to stop her from meeting Dileep Patel in jail. Both Vasundhara and Pushpa visited Devi Singh Shikawat. Vasundhara was there to ask her to take up Dileep’s case while Pushpa pleaded her to not take up the case as he’s a criminal and is very dangerous to be let out.

Devi Singh asked Pushpa that what could she offer to her over the blank cheque given by Vasundhara and Pushpa said nothing. Devi Singh Shikawat still refused to take up the blank cheque before studying the case. Devi Singh turned down Vasundhara’s offer as she can’t help save a criminal.

Dharam asked Vasundhara to not keep hope on Shikawat. Vasundhara said that she’s the only person they could depend on in this crucial moment and asked him to do something to make her side them.

Dileep joined hands with Guru who was sent into prison by Shikawat. They both planned to kidnap Shikawat’s daughter Roshni Shikawat and Rashi Patel for their own benefits. Bapodhara warned Pushpa about Dileep panning revenge against her.

In the future episodes we will witness, Devi and Pushpa will be shocked as both their daughter will be kidnapped. DCP will suspect Dileep’s hand behind the kidnap.

Will Dharam manage to escape? Will Rashi and Roshni gets saved ?

Will Dileep pay for his crimes?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.
Stay tuned for more updates.