Pushpa impossible Upcoming Story: Rashi to get locked in store room.


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Sab TV’s popular show Pushpa currently focuses on Pushpa evolving in her life while helping others too.

Previously we have seen that, Mahendra learns about Golu being Ayushi’s son . Ayushi tells Mahendra that she’s not here to snatch Golu but she is there to beg him for Golu. Mahendra says with affirmation that he wouldn’t let Golu go to her.

Ayushi tells him that if he doesn’t give Golu to her in the next 24 hours then she would have to take help from law. On the other hand, Chirag visits Jagtap to complaint about the stalker unaware that his son himself is the stalker.

Dushyant real time texts Rashi upon Chirag’s visit and both Chirag and Rashi’s suspicion falls on Dushyant. Mahendra runs away from the city with Golu while Pushpa gets worried. A furious Ayushi sends court notice to Mahendra for Golu’s custody. Ashwin brings back Mahendra to fight for Golu’s case.

Viren books all the stalls in Gayatri Cultural event so that Jugal and Pushpa doesn’t participate in it. Pushpa and Jugal try alternate ways to sell their goods. Pushpa tries to talk out with Ayushi to opt from going to court and solve it outside court but Ayushi refuses asking how could she prove that Golu is her child if she doesn’t deal it with law.

Mahendra pleads with Devi Singh Shikhawat to take up his case but Devi Singh turns him down saying that she’s already committed to another case. She recommends another lawyer. On the other hand, Chirag and Rashi share with Pushpa about Dushyant and they complaint to Principal about the same.

Principal doesn’t pay heed as they don’t have any evidence behind their complaint. On the other hand, Dushyant plans something big against Rashi. Mahendra gets disheartened as his case is said to be an open shut case given that Ayushi is Golu’s biological mother. Pushpa struggles to handle three problems at once.

In the future episodes we will witness, Chirag asks Rashi to not be feared of Dushyant. Rashi follows Dushyant but Dushyant thinks that it’s not Rashi who’s following him but it’s the other way round. Dushyant traps Rashi and locks her in the store room.

Will Pushpa beat Viren?

Will Chirag and Prarthana unite? Will Rashi gets saved from Dushyant?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

Stay tuned for more updates.