Pushpa impossible Upcoming Story: Sonam will be against Deepti and Ashwin’s love.


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Sab TV channel launched a brand new show titled Pushpa Impossible starring Karuna Pandey alongside Garima Parihar and Darshan Gurjar. Earlier its seen that Pushpa hit Sonal with a ball while playing cricket. Now it will be seen that Sonal will refuse to accept Deepti’s alliance with Ashwin.

Previously we have seen that, Deepti was about to tip Pushpa but Pushpa left before that. She learnt from Ashwin about Deepti’s family visiting their house and promised to make they meeting a success. Next day, She happily shared with her neighbours about girl’s family coming to meet Ashwin and his family. Everyone was happy and congratulated Pushpa. They were ready to help her during their visit. Everyone teased Prarthna’s father who stayed a bit aloof from others.

Prarthna showed interest towards Chirag and Chirag reciprocated it. However her father was against it. Deepti’s family started early over the mentioned time as Sonal wanted to meet them in their raw and real environment. Deepti sent the message to Ashwin but he saw it too late. Pushpa who believed that they would come late played cricket till then. However due to her bad luck she hit Sonal with the ball while playing. Deepti got shocked upon knowing that Sonal and Pushpa knew each other as she was their cook last night.

Ashwin got worried. Sonal felt disgusted at Pushpa’s loud and unfiltered behaviour while Pushpa’s children felt embarrassed. Sonal gave money for Pushpa’s work last night and Ashwin accepted it as he could understand that Sonal wasn’t happy with the alliance. Pushpa got angry when Sonal mentioned her as maid and she taunted them back for insulting her. They all left while Pushpa was still angry.

In the future episodes we will witness, Deepti’s parents will say Deepti that if she gets married to the house then she may need to adjust a lot. Pushpa’s children will scold her for overreacting and Ashwin will be worried that the alliance wouldn’t happen. Pushpa will promise Ashwin that she will make it happen while Sonal will say Deepti that she won’t let the alliance take place.

Will Sonal accept Deepti and Ashwin’s relationship? Will Pushpa’s children understands their mother’s sacrifices? Will Pushpa manage to withhold her self respect in all the situation?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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