Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 11th July 2024 Written Update: Karthik is bitten by a snake

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 11th July 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shakti asking Mohini to drink tea if she is not a shapeshifting serpent. Raghunath asks Shakti what is she saying and says Mohini serves food to everyone. Shakti says to Raghunath that he might have seen Mohini serving food but not eating food and says shapeshifting serpent will never eat food of humans. Shakti asks Mohini to drink tea. Mohini says she is lactose intolerant so she can’t drink tea. Shakti says then she can eat samosa. Mohini agrees. Mohini takes the samosa to eat it.

The Kashyap family hears Karthik’s shout for help. The whole family leaves up Karthik’s room. The Kashyap family sees the Karthik laid down on the ground and the snake is over Karthik’s body. Karthik asks Shiv to save him. Shiv asks Karthik not to move saying if he moves then he will die. Raghunath and Kamalnath think this is the snake that is leaving its skin everywhere in the house. Shiv tries to go towards Karthik. The snake bites Karthik. Shiv tries to go towards Karthik. Mohini stops Shiv. Mohini steps forward and throws the snake away. Shiv Shakti come to Karthik. Mohini sees Karthik is bitten by snake. Mohini says there is only one way to save Karthik and that is to suck poison out of Karthik. Mohini sucks the poisoned blood out of Karthik. Mohini loses consciousness. Shiv asks Shakti to take care of Karthik.

Shakti later comes to Shiv and says to Shiv that Karthik’s vitals are fine. Padma lashes out at Shakti as she called Mohini a shapeshifting serpent and says it’s a good thing that Mohini saved Karthik if not they don’t know what would have happened. Padma says if Mohini is a shapeshifting serpent then nothing would have happened to Mohini after sucking poison and comments on it. Shakti prays to God and asks God to save Mohini.

Padma sprinkles water on Mohini’s face. She asks her to open her eyes. Shiv tells her that it’s a poison effect so water can’t cure Mohini. Shakti comes there. She checks Mohini’s pulse and tells Shiv that Mohini’s pulse is different. Shiv and Shakti to take Mohini to the hospital.

On the way, Shiv tells Shakti that he will be guilt-ridden if anything happens to Mohini. Shakti assures Shiv that nothing will happen to Mohini. Mohini thinks she will get caught if Shiv takes her to the hospital. She opens her eyes. She asks Shiv to stop the car. Shiv stops the car and tells Mohini that they are going to the hospital. Mohini tells him that her family was cursed so she can’t enter the hospital. She follows a procedure and tells Shiv and Shakti poison from her body is removed. Shakti requests Mohini to stay with them. Mohini agrees. Later Mohini tells Beera how she fooled Shakti. Beera reminds her that Dadi returning home. Mohini says she will learn Nagmani’s place through Bhagwati and later will kill her.

Episode ends.

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