Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 20th May 2022 Written Update: Gungun wins the fancy dress competition


Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 20th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Radha gives Mohan his phone. Damini comes there and asks that what happened. Radha tells her that she broke Mohan’s phone by mistake so repaired it. Damini asks her that what’s the need of it. She says that she brought new phone for Mohan and gives it to him. Radha says that new phone looking good and asks Damini about phone’s price. She gets shocked learning that the phone’s price is one lakh. Gungun returns from the school. Everyone gathers in the hall. Gungun and Sunny looks at each other. Radha asks Gungun that what happened.

Gungun screams saying that she won and shows the trophy. Radha gets excited and hugs Gungun. Mohan clicks their picture. Damini congratulates Gungun. Then Mohan congratulates Gungun and says that he should not have yelled at her. He apologizes to Damini also. He says that Damini deserves a gift and hugs her. She thinks that she knows what exactly she wants from him. He thanks her and goes inside. Damini hugs her mother and Kadambari. Gungun tells Radha that the latter did everything but Damini will get gift.

After some time, Radha talks about Gungun to God and cries. She recalls Mohan and Damini’s hug. She wonders that why she is crying. She assumes her tears as happy tears. Tulsi’s spirit slap Radha’s head and says that Radha is really immature. On the other hand, Damini’s mother asks Damini that why the latter inviting her friend Niharika. Damini says that she want to make her and Mohan’s relationship official. Damini’s mother says that Gungun won’t stay silent. Damini tells her that she can handle Gungun and leaves from there.

Mohan sees the picture he clicked. Damini informs him that she invited her friend Niharika for lunch and she wants him to join them. He refuses to join. She reminds him that he said that she deserves a gift for helping Gungun to get ready for the fancy dress competition. He agrees to join them.

Next day, Damini offers gift to Gungun and asks her to not come out of the room. Gungun says that it’s a bribe and accepts it. Damini informs Radha about Niharika’s arrival. She asks her to take care of Gungun. Radha thinks that Damini is really good.

Later, Niharika and her husband Rajveer and her son Chintu arrives at Mohan’s house. Radha welcomes them. Damini introduces Mohan to Niharika’s family. Gungun sees Chintu from upstairs. Niharika talks highly about her marriage reception. Gungun comes downstairs. Damini gets shocked seeing her. Gungun greets everyone. She says that she want to take Chintu to her room to play. Niharika sends Chintu with Gungun. Niharika asks Radha to bring black tea. Radha decides to make black tea after seeing Gungun.

Gungun shows her room to Chintu. Radha comes there and asks Gungun to not fight with Chintu and leaves from there. Gungun locks the room from inside and says that her room is soundproof. He says that it will be fun today. He starts messing the room. She tries to stop him but he pushes her. Tulsi’s spirit sees that and goes to the kitchen. Chintu locks Gungun in a trunk.

Episode ends.

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