Pyaar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 13th March 2023 Written Update: Gulshan threatens Ravi


Pyaar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 13th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Pratik gets enraged and leaves house. Hansa tries to stop him but fails. Kavya asks about Ravi to Manvi. Manvi asks Kavya to distance herself from Ravi. She says that Ravi doesn’t care for her or doesn’t even think about her. She criticizes Ravi for marrying Pratiksha. She encourages Kavya to forget Ravi and move on in life. Kavya asks her to not say anything against Ravi as she can’t live without Ravi. Manvi asks Kavya to consider about her and Gulshan. Kavya asks Manvi to understand her love for Ravi. She explains to Manvi how much she loves Ravi and can’t live without him.

Manvi says that Ravi only loved Keerti and he won’t love anyone else. Kavya believes that Ravi will become hers oneday. She defends Ravi saying that everything is her fault. She says that she doesn’t want anything except Ravi. Manvi tells her that Gulshan won’t agree for this marriage. Kavya asks her to tell Gulshan if he wants to see Kavya alive he has to accept Kavya and Ravi’s marriage. Manvi tells all these to Ravi and requests him to marry her. She cries. Mandeep says that Ravi will do whatever she wants and asks her to not worry. Pratiksha recalls everything that happened to her and sheds tears.

Kinjal requests her to eat something. Pratiksha says that she will eat later. Ravi thinks that now Pratiksha will understand his pain and situation. He says that he has snatched everything from her like she snatched Keerti from him. He becomes happy thinking about Pratiksha’s insult and defeat. Pratiksha sees that Parul is crying. Parul blames herself for everything as she shipped Ravi with Pratiksha since the beginning and wanted him to marry her elder sister. She thought Ravi will love Pratiksha like Keeri once he learns the truth. Pratiksha asks her to not cry. Parul says that they can’t see tears in Pratiksha’s eyes. She cries thinking about Pratiksha’s fate.

Pratiksha wipes her tears and says that she won’t cry hereafter for the sake of her sisters. Ravi tells Amardeep that he can’t marry Kavya as he is already married. Amardeep criticizes him and asks him what he wants. Ravi asks him to understand him and promises to fix everything. Amardeep asks him to simply marry Kavya. He asks him to not oppose him and save Gulshan’s daughter. He requests him to not insult them anymore. He says that Ravi will be happy after marrying Kavya. Pratiksha tells that she was so broken when she lost their parents but now she is very strong to tolorate anything and everything.

She decides to fight back and win the battle. She says that Ravi was never hers so he can’t hurt get. She keeps faith in destiny and God’s will. She is not afraid of anything as her sisters are with her. She promises to not cry hereafter. They share a hug. Amardeep tells Ravi that Gulshan has not taken any action against Ravi as he considers Ravi as his son. Amardeep and Ravi try to convince each other. Gulshan comes there and says that Ravi and Pratiksha’s marriage is not vaild it was just Ravi’s madness. He asks Ravi to consider Amardeep, Kavya and Keerti. He says that Kavya is right choice for Ravi and asks him to marry Kavya. He threatens Ravi saying that he can die and kill both for his daughter Kavya. The episode ends.

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