Pyaar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 7th March 2023 Written Update: Ravi regrets marrying Pratiksha


Pyaar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 7th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Doctor informs Ravi and Kavya’s family that Kavya has suffered major blood loss. She is saved by God’s grace according to her. Ravi feels bad for Kavya for a moment then continues the revenge talks in his mind. Doctor says that Kavya should be kept under observation for next two to three days. Gulshan gears up to call ambulance to take Kavya home. Doctor asks him to not shift Kavya anywhere else in this condition as it can start the blood flow again. She prescribes sleeping pills with other medicines and leaves. Amardeep calls Kavya the daughter of Randhawa family and asks Gulshan to not shift her.

Gulshan opposes him as Ravi has changed all past equations by marrying Pratiksha. Ravi tells him that he wants stay with Kavya and take care of her. Gulshan loses his calm and holds Ravi’s collar. He promises to not let Ravi experience happiness in his entire lifetime and make whole Randhawa family suffer for his deeds. He blames Ravi more than Pratiksha for whatever wrong happened to his family. He criticizes Ravi for not considering about Kavya once. Amardeep tries to defend Ravi. Gulshan refuses to accept any sort of connection with the Randhawas. Amardeep tries to calm him. Ravi says that he married Pratiksha for his revenge only.

Gulshan slaps Ravi and attacks him. Aditya tries to intervene. Gulshan pushes him. Gurmeet gets agitated. Manvi tells Ravi that Keerti’s soul must be in pain now seeing what her Ravi did to her sister. Ravi realises that he has forgotten his promise to Keerti because of this revenge. Ravi regrets for his deeds and says that he will fix everything. He goes to his room. He blames Pratiksha for everything. He calls her wrong and wishes to break their marriage immediately. He wishes to punish Pratiksha by abondoning her right now. Pratiksha gets clueless. Ravi asks her to simply get out. Pratiksha says that she won’t go anywhere. She says that she is no more scared of Ravi’s warnings.

Pratiksha says that she can feel Ravi’s pain but she is not responsible for it. She refuses to suffer when she is not at fault. Ravi asks Pratiksha to go away as she won’t experience any happiness in this marriage. Ravi grows determined to end the marriage. Ravi lits fire beside his bed and tries to force Pratiksha to take reverse pheras with him. It starts raining heavily. Aditya comes there. Ravi asks him to shut the door and windows. Jugni predicts that Ravi or Pratiksha can’t back out as their togetherness is predestined. Aditya fails to shut the window. The fire extinguishes due to rain water.

Nupur comes there. Pratiksha cries and removes her ornaments. Parul talks to Pratiksha through video call. She feels Pratiksha ‘s mood is off and worries for her. Pratiksha explains about her situation to her sisters. She complains about Ravi to them. Parul, Kinjal try to cheer her up and encourages her to not give up. Pratiksha regrets for leaving Junagadh and coming to Chandigarh. Pratik calls Kinjal and Parul. Kavya gains consciousness. Kavya questions about Ravi. Gulshan gets speechless.

Ravi comes to meet Kavya. Gulshan asks Kavya to not talk to Ravi. He leaves. Kavya asks Ravi why he did this to her. Ravi says that he performed the rituals for Beeji’s happiness only. Kavya says that Pratiksha does not deserve Ravi. Ravi questions her for taking such a drastic step without discussing with her childhood friend Ravi. Ravi again says that he married Pratiksha for revenge. Kavya gets annoyed.

The episode ends.

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