Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 10th March 2023 Written Update: Damini gets arrested


Episode begins with Radha regains her consciousness. Ajeet and Gungun gets happy seeing that. Gungun thanks God. In the police station, Damini tells Kaveri to go and execute, step two of the plan. Kaveri sneak out of the police station. Mohan notices that and he tells about it to Shekhar. He says that he has to know who is behind all this to help Kadambari. He asks him to keep an eye on Damini. And he decides to follow Kaveri. Shekhar asks him that if the latter really think Damini is behind all this. Mohan tells him that he know Kadambari is innocent and leaves from there. Damini is about to follow Mohan but Shekhar stops her. Kaveri dreams of getting beaten up by police. Mohan notices Kaveri and asks her to stop.

Radha asks Gungun that if no one came to see her. Gungun informs Radha about Kadambari’s arrest. Radha says that Kadambari is innocent and she can’t let Kadambari suffer due to Damini’s fault.

Mohan catches Kaveri and asks her that why she run away like that. Kaveri notices ladies toilet and tells Mohan that she is in hurry and barges into the ladies toilet. She asks phone from other ladies but they refuses to give her. Kaveri escapes through window and uses public landline. She calls Rahul and tells him something.

Ketki calls Shekhar and learns that they won’t get bail for Kadambari before Monday. And she tells about it to Vishwanath. Vishwanath calls someone.

Mohan wonders that why Kaveri is not coming out. He enters ladies toilet and searches Kaveri. Other ladies scolds him. Police is about to arrest Mohan. Kaveri comes out of the bathroom. She says that Mohan is her son and he entered ladies toilet in worry. Police inspector scolds Mohan. Mohan apologizes to her. He leaves from there with Kaveri.

Mohan gets happy seeing Kadambari and he hugs her. Radha comes there. Mohan hugs her and gets relieved. He scolds her for consuming poison to save his life. Kadambari says that she is glad Radha is fine. Radha says that she got scared after learning about Kadambari’s arrest. Mohan thanks Radha for saving Kadambari. Radha tells him that she came now only. She asks Police inspector to arrest Damini because it’s Damini who mixed poison in the kheer.

Shekhar informs Radha that Damini agreed that she mixed poison in the kheer. Kaveri says that that’s not possible because Damini is innocent. Shekhar says that Kadambari got released due to Damini. They sees Damini behind bars. Kaveri asks Police inspector to release Damini. Mohan says that he suspected Damini and he was right. He scolds her for breaking his trust. He asks her that how could she betray him.

Damini remains silent. Kaveri scolds Mohan for being selfish. She asks Kadambari to say something. Kadambari says that Damini tried to kill Radha so law will do it’s job. Police inspector asks Mohan to finish the paper work. Radha tells Tulsi that she want to talk to her. She says that it’s hard to believe Damini accepted defeat this easily. She says that it could be Damini’s another plan.

Episode ends.