Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 11th August 2022 Written Update: Gungun gets tired


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 11th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ashish tells Mohan that the latter will become the reason for Gungun’s death if he went into the borehole then. Radha asks him to do something. He tells her that they will begin the rescue operation soon. Media reporters comes there. Ashish asks his team to stop media reporters. Kadambari wonders that who called them. Media reporter asks about the child’s name. Ajeet tells Gungun’s name to him. Kadambari scolds him.

Ashish assures Mohan that they will rescue Gungun for sure. Latha tells Hriday that if Gungun came out alive then everything is over. Hriday tells her that he just cares about Radha. Mohan gets worried that he is not able to see Gungun. Kaveri thinks that her dream of coming on Television will become true today. She gives an interview to media reporters. Damini drags her from there.

Ashish tells Mohan that it’s important to know the condition of Gungun. They puts camera into borehole. He says that they can hear and see Gungun. They sees Gungun and gets relieved. Radha asks Ashish to rescue Gungun now. Ashish informs them that Gungun is in so deep. Media reporters reports that if Gungun will die. Mohan gets angry hearing him. He tries to attack him. Others drags Mohan from there.

Radha tells Mohan that their priority is rescuing Gungun. Ashish tells them that it’s difficult to rescue Gungun. Mohan tells him that he want to go inside the borehole. Ashish explains the risk to him. He says that it’s impossible to rescue Gungun. Radha tells him that they have to rescue Gungun no matter what. She says that God won’t let anything happen to Gungun. Mohan asks her to not get scared because it will affect Gungun too. He says that their trust is their strength. He asks her to motivate Gungun. He adds that Gungun needs Radha now.

Radha takes the mic from Ashish. She asks Gungun to say something. Ashish asks her to not cry. Gungun says that she is scared. Mohan asks her to not get scared. He tells her that they will rescue her for sure. Radha tells Gungun that she knows that the latter is strong. Ashish tells Mohan to ask if Gungun can move or not. Mohan asks Gungun that if the latter can move. Gungun tells him that she is stuck there. He gets shattered hearing her. Radha holds his hand.

Kaveri notices that and she tells about it to Damini. Radha tells Gungun that they will rescue her. Damini takes Kaveri from there. They hopes that Gungun dies. Damini tells Kaveri that she won’t leave Hriday. Hriday tells them that he want to help but Police is there so he can’t go. Gungun asks Radha that if she is going to die. Radha asks her to not say like that. Tulsi’s spirit asks Mohan to do something.

Doctor comes there. He says that Gungun is not injured much but she looks tired. Radha asks Gungun that if the latter can breathe on Doctor’s behest. Gungun says that she can breathe. Mohan loses his temper. He asks Ashish to rescue Gungun. Rahul asks him to calm down. Ashish tells Mohan that it will take time to rescue Gungun. Doctor says that Gungun should not faint or fall asleep. Gungun tells Radha that she is tired. Mohan tells Radha to keep talking to Gungun.

Episode ends.

Episode begins with Gungun hears Radha’s voice. Mohan asks Radha that what happened. Radha tells him that Gungun is inside the borehole. Everyone gets shocked hearing her. Kadambari asks Radha that if the latter can see Gungun. Radha shook her head. She says that her heart says that Gungun is inside borehole only. She adds that even cow stopped there. Mohan asks for rope. They notices blood and gets shocked.

On the other hand, Damini asks Hriday that what he did with Gungun. He asks her that why she called him there for meeting. He says that he checked the whole house but no camera and microphone exists. He asks her that if there is ghost in the house. She asks him to say that what he did with Gungun. He asks her to not worry about Gungun because he handled Gungun. He says that she should be happy that he is taking Radha too with him. She reminds him that Gungun is Mohan’s daughter. She says that Mohan will find Gungun no matter what. Latha asks Hriday that if he killed Gungun.

They hears Mohan and others voice. Damini says that looks like they found Gungun. Hriday tells her that there is a possibility that they found Gungun’s dead body. Damini gets worried hearing him. Kaveri tells her that she will go and check and leaves from there. Damini asks Hriday that if he really killed Gungun. Hriday tells her that he don’t expect thanks from her. He adds that he won’t ask extra money for it.

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