Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 11th June 2022 Written Update: Damini plans to throw Radha out of the house using Gungun


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 11th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Radha is about to fall off the stairs but Mohan saves her. Kaveri tells Damini that Mohan saved Radha once again. She asks her that if Mohan will pick Radha again. Mohan asks Radha that if the latter is fine. She stammers and says that she is fine. He takes her downstairs. She screams when he held her hand. Kadambari comes there and asks that who screamed. Mohan tells her about Radha. He holds Radha’s hand and she screams again. He asks Maid to bring the first aid box.

Kadambari asks Radha that how it happened. Kaveri tells her that Gungun pushed Radha. Gungun thinks that everyone will scold her again. Radha says that Gungun didn’t push her but she tripped. Maid brings the first aid box. Mohan asks her to treat Radha’s hand injury and leaves from there. Kadambari asks Radha to be careful. Gungun leaves from there. Damini tells Radha that today Gungun crossed all the limits still the latter saved Gungun. She asks her to take care of herself and leaves from there.

Damini enters her room. She tells Kaveri that Mohan gives so much importance to Radha. Kaveri tells her that Mohan even teaching English to Radha. She says that Radha buttering Kadambari nowadays. She adds that Vishwanath and Radha’s father are best friends too. Damini tells her that she will throw Radha out of the house using Gungun. Kaveri says that Mohan won’t care about Radha in front of Gungun because he even broke the relationship for Gungun.

Maid treats Radha and asks her to sit properly. Mohan comes there and says that Radha is like that only. Maid goes inside. Mohan applies ointment on Radha’s hand. He tells her that he will scold her later because she is injured now. Kaveri and Damini sees everything.

Ajith tells Radha that he brought the thing which she asked for. He gives the parcel to her. She gets excited and leaves from there. She goes to Gungun’s room and keeps Tulsi’s new photo in the frame. Tulsi’s spirit smiles seeing that. Gungun also sees that and leaves from there and takes Radha’s luggage. Radha follows her and asks her to stop. Rahul says that today’s drama started. Mohan asks Gungun that where the latter going with Radha’s luggage. Damini tells Kaveri that Gungun going to throw Radha out of the house.

Mohan tells Gungun that the latter can’t throw Radha out of the house. She tells him that she is not a bad girl. She asks Radha to stay with her in her room from now on. She says that Radha don’t hate Tulsi so the latter can stay in her room. She adds that Radha irritates her by teaching the right things but she likes her because the latter is on her team. Radha says that Tulsi gave Gungun to them so no one can hate Tulsi. She hugs Gungun. Gungun tells Mohan to keep Radha’s luggage in her room.

Damini tells Kaveri that Gungun ruined everything. Kaveri asks her to calm down. Kadambari comes there and gives diamond necklace to Damini and tells her about fasting. Damini tells her that she will keep fasting tomorrow for Mohan.

Episode ends.

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