Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 11th March 2023 Written Update: Kadambari lashes out at Damini


Episode begins with Radha wonders that how Damini accepted her defeat. Kadambari tells Damini that the latter did so much to get Mohan but Damini end up in jail at end. She says that Mohan did not accepted Radha as his wife for Damini. And Damini lost everything today and she won’t even get Mohan’s shadow. She tells her that she criticized Radha still Radha came to save her. Damini remains silent. Kadambari asks Kaveri that if the latter is Damini’s accomplice. Kaveri tells her that she did nothing wrong. She says that she know Kadambari don’t trust Damini but she know Damini is innocent. She asks her to go because she will stay with her daughter. Radha thinks that she know this is not the end. Kadambari takes Radha from there.

Kaveri asks Damini that what’s all this. And what if Damini’s plan got flopped. Damini tells her that the plan will work for sure. She says that Kadambari and Mohan will throw Radha out of the house and come to police station to release her.

On the other hand, Gungun gets happy seeing Radha and hugs her. Ketki hugs Kadambari. Ajeet asks Kadambari that if she is fine. Kadambari nods at him. Vishwanath says that he know nothing will happen to Kadambari because she is innocent. Gungun asks Radha that why the latter ate the kheer. Radha tells her that Mohan would have ate it if she did not ate then. Kadambari tells Radha that the latter saved Mohan’s life once again. She blesses her.

Rahul tells himself that he may end up in trouble due to Damini and Kaveri. He hugs Kadambari and tells her that he is glad she returned. Vishwanath says that Shekhar said everything and it’s hard to believe that Damini is behind everything. Ketki says that Damini can do anything. Gungun says that Damini should not enter their house again because Damini is bad person. And she will stay with Radha and Mohan like a family. Radha tells herself that it’s not easy digest that Damini’s chapter is over.

Later, Gungun tells Radha that she thought the latter will leave her like Tulsi. Radha tells her that, that won’t happen. She assures her that she will stay with her always. She feeds food to Gungun.

Police inspector tells Mohan that all the formalities has been finished and they will submit Damini in the court at Monday. Damini calls Mohan. Mohan tauntingly asks her that where is the poison. He tells her that he never thought she will stoop this low. She asks him to not criticise her if he don’t trust her then. She says that Mohan deserves Radha because he is fool. Kaveri shows the video which Ketki recorded for her vlog. Mohan gets shocked seeing Radha escaping from the kitchen. He asks Damini that why she did not show this video earlier. Damini tells him that now he would have understood who is the real culprit.

Episode ends.