Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 18th November 2022 Written Update: Radha spots Pratap in the hospital


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 18th November 2022 Written Update On

Episode begins with Kaveri tells Radha that Mohan won’t come to save her. Damini tells Security guards to not let Radha enter the hospital. Security guards takes Radha from there. Kaveri says that she is relieved now. She tells Damini that they can start the preparations for marriage. Ward boy tells Damini that Doctor called her. Kadambari tells Mohan that she know Radha love him so much but Damini can secure his life. She asks him to forgive her.

Ketki tells Rahul that Damini is using him. Rahul picks Damini’s call. Damini informs him that she is getting married to Mohan today. She asks him to bring the sherwani which she stitched for marriage and it’s in Mohan’s room. He tells her that he will bring it and disconnects the call. Ketki asks him that if Mohan regained his consciousness. Rahul tells her that Mohan did not regain his consciousness yet but his marriage going to happen with Damini. Tulsi’s spirit says that Damini took advantage of the situation. She hope that Radha stop the marriage.

Gungun calls Radha and asks her that how is Mohan and when they are returning. Radha lies to her that Mohan is getting better. Gungun says that she is waiting for them. She asks her to stay with Mohan because Damini is not a good person and disconnects the call.

Doctor tells Damini that he has good news for her. He says that Damini need not to marry Mohan like this because Mohan started responding to the treatment so he will regain his consciousness in few hours. Damini tells him that Mohan can’t regain his consciousness before marriage. She says that she is ready to give money to him. He asks for 50 lakhs rupees. He says that he will inject Mohan to keep him in unconscious state for 4 hours. He asks her to buy that injection from black market because it’s illegal to use it. He adds that there is risk of that dosage. She tells him that she is fine if Mohan won’t die then.

Radha says that only she can fight against Damini for Mohan. She says that no one can harm Mohan until she is alive. She adds that she can’t let Damini take advantage of this situation.

Damini tells Doctor that her guy will inject Mohan. She calls Pratap and asks him to buy injection. She asks him to do the job right this time. She gets ready as bride. She tells Mohan that they are going to get married today and she is so happy. She tells him that Radha can sacrifice her life for love and she can kill anyone for love. She asks Pratap to come near main gate.

Radha tells Security guards that Mohan’s life in danger so she has to go inside. Security guard pushes her away. Pratap comes there. Ward boy gives visiting card to Pratap saying that Damini sent him. Radha hears that and turns around. She gets shocked seeing Pratap there.

Episode ends.

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