Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 20th November 2022 Written Update: Gungun learns about Damini and Mohan’s marriage


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 20th November 2022 Written Update On

Episode begins with Radha notices pipe and decides to climb to enter the hospital. On the other hand, Dulari tells Ketki that there is a ghost in the house for sure. Ketki gets scared hearing her. She scolds her for talking about ghost. She warns her to not talk about ghost before Gungun. Dulari tells her about the weird incidents which happened when no one was in the house. She says that maybe ghost is hearing their conversation now. Ketki runs from there. In the hospital, Damini gives everyone’s phone to Kaveri.

Rahul asks Ketki to open the door. Gungun opens the door. Rahul scolds Ketki for closing the door. Ketki tells him that she hate Damini and she don’t want Mohan’s marriage to happen with Damini. Rahul tells her that it’s not matter what she wants. He says that no one can stop the marriage today and moves from there. Gungun throws juice on sherwani. He raises his hand but Ketki holds his hand. Ketki warns him to not try to do this again. She says that this is why she accompanied him.

Radha climbs on the pipe. Rahul asks Ketki that if she don’t trust him at all. He asks her that how can she think that he will try to slap Gungun. He says that Radha broke their bond. Ketki tells him that Damini broke their bond. Gungun calls Radha. Radha sees Security guard. She thinks that if he saw her then he will throw her out again. She picks Gungun’s call but she did not hear anything due to poor network. She drops her phone by mistake. She reaches the terrace.

Gungun calls Radha again. One guy finds Radha’s phone. Gungun tells Ketki that Radha is not picking the call. She says that they have to go to hospital to stop the marriage. She adds that Damini can’t become her mother.

Damini tells Rahul that they should not reach the hospital. Ajeet asks her that what happened. She tells him about Gungun’s actions. He says that without sherwani marriage won’t happen. She tells him that she is marrying Mohan not sherwani. She says that she even talked to hospital trustee and he will give them marriage venue to them. She wonders that where is Pratap. She spots him. Pratap also sees her.

Doctor confirms that it’s a right medicine. Damini asks Pratap to inject Mohan. Doctor notices that Mohan is about to gain his consciousness. He asks Damini to not make any mistake. She tells him that she will take care of Mohan even if Mohan becomes lifeless body.

Radha enters the mortuary. She tries to go out but fails. She gets scared to stay in the room. Doctor says that they are doing wrong and he can’t do this. Damini tells him that he can’t back off now. She asks him to prepare the dosage. He asks about syringe. She asks him to bring one. Kadambari asks them that what are they doing in Mohan’s room.

Episode ends.

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