Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 21st January 2023 Written Update: Mohan marries Radha


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 21st January 2023 Written Update On

Episode begins with Rameshwar asks Radha to choose between him and Mohan. Tulsi’s spirit tells Radha that even she can’t stop her now. Radha tells Rameshwar that she chooses Mohan. Rameshwar tells her that she is dead for him from today. He says that he will perform shradh for Radha which shocks everyone. Dadi asks him that what is he saying. He tells her that it’s necessary to do. He takes Radha’s photo from Gungun and performs shradh. Vishwanath asks him that what the latter is doing. Dadi asks Rameshwar to think again because Radha is their daughter. She tells him that he is doing wrong. Rameshwar ignores them and completes the shradh ritual. He says that he don’t have daughter from now on.

Radha tells Mohan that muhurat time may end. Kaveri asks her that if the latter don’t have any shame. Radha tries to hold Mohan’s hand and he pushes her hand and yells at her. He tells her that he did not like her when she entered his house. He says that he started liking her when she started taking care of Gungun. He tells her that he never thought he had to pay her like this. He says that Radha saved him and Gungun so she could marry him. He tells her that everyone told him to stay away from her but he did not listen them. He says that he fought against everyone for her because he trusted her but she killed everything with her accusations. He tells her that her love filled with lies and betrayal and she is selfish. He adds that he hate her face and her presence.

Namrata asks him to not trouble Radha and take decision. She tells him that he has to forget Gungun if he won’t marry Radha then. Damini tells Mohan that they will win the custody case. Police inspector tells Mohan that he won’t get Gungun’s custody. Women welfare organization lady says that they won’t spare Mohan if he did not marry Radha then.

Mohan tells Radha that they will do what she wants. He tells her that this marriage will be her life’s biggest mistake. He drags her to the marriage mandap. Kadambari asks him to not take decision like this. Damini scolds Radha. Radha tells her that Mohan is her husband. She removes Damini’s duppata and she wears it. She says that it belongs to him. She tells her that the latter don’t have any rights on Mohan. She ties pagdi on Mohan’s head ( Title song plays in the background ). Gungun gives marriage garlands to Mohan and Radha. Mohan and Radha exchanges marriage garlands.

Priest is about to tell the promises. Mohan tells him that this marriage is special so he will announce the special promises. He tells Radha that he won’t give happiness to her and she will suffer every minute. He tells her that she will become his wife but he won’t give wife rights to her. He tells her that he will make her life hell. He says that she will plead him to leave her but he won’t leave her. He tells her that he won’t love her and she will get hatred only from him. Radha tells him that she will keep loving him no matter what. She gives nupital chain to him. He gets shocked seeing that and taunts her for stealing it. He ties that nupital chain around her neck. He fills her forehead with vermilion. Tulsi’s spirit smiles and she gets vanished.

Episode ends.

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