Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 21st September 2023 Written Update: Mohan refuses to accept Shekhar’s help

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 21st September 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mohan tells Damini that she is poor. He says that Damini has Kaveri who did not give good upbringing to Damini. And says Kaveri can die anytime. Kaveri gets offended hearing this. She asks him that why she will die. He tells her that insects will eat her because of her wrongdoings. Kaveri says that Mohan is cursing her. Mohan says that Mohit is taking advantage of Tulsi’s death. And says Mohit will ditch Damini too for money. Tulsi says that she never thought Mohit will stoop this low.

Mohan says that Bhushan is pervert. And says Bhushan did not leave Ketki and Radha so he can target Damini too so Damini can’t sleep peacefully. Bhushan tells him to stop talking nonsense. Mohan threatens to beat him up. Kaveri tells him to stop it and go. Mohan tells her that he won’t go. She hides behind Bhushan. She asks bodyguards to save her. Radha says that they started just now and Kaveri got scared. Damini is about to say something but Mohan tells her to not say anything.

Damini asks Dulari that where the latter is going. Dulari tells her that she is going with her family. Damini tells her that Trivedis are the latter’s old boss. Dulari tells her that she won’t ditch her family. They leaves from there. Kaveri tells Damini that even Dulari mocked them. Damini closes the door.

Neighbors gossips about Trivedis. One of the lady says that Damini did wrong by throwing Trivedis out of the house. She wonders that where Trivedis will stay.

Shekhar tells Trivedis that he will call taxi. Gungun asks that where are they going. Shekhar tells her that he is taking them to his house. Mohan tells Shekhar that the latter already did so much for them and they don’t want become burden. Shekhar asks him to not say like that. Rameshwar says that Trivedis that they have one more house. He tells Kadambari that his house is her house. He says that he could run his family till now because of Kadambari. And says his house is small but they can stay there. Gungun asks that if they are going to Radha’s nods at her. Gungun gets happy.

Kaveri dances around Damini. Damini says that Trivedis become beggars. Kaveri tells her that God listened her prayer. She says that she become owner of this house. And says she want to celebrate the day like diwali. She adds that they won finally. Damini tells her that she will win when Mohan return to her.

Mohit says that that won’t happen. Damini tells him that everything happened according to her wish and that will continue. Bhushan asks Damini that what is her next move. He says that they have to keep an eye on Trivedis. Damini tells him that she planned  everything. Mohit opens the door and he receives a parcel. Damini opens the box and smirks seeing doll.

Episode ends.

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