Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Radha questions Hriday about blood stain


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 22nd July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mohan breaks his flute. Radha asks him that how long he is going to keep this pain with him. She holds his hand so he does not leave the room. Sundari sees that and she asks Radha to get ready to go out with Hriday. She scolds her for wasting time by spending time with Mohan and Gungun. She drags her from there. Mohan says that it’s not safe for Radha to go alone with Hriday. Tulsi’s spirit agrees with him. She asks him to do something.

In the restaurant, Hriday asks Radha to order for herself. Radha tells him that food is really expensive there. He orders two tea for them. He thinks that it’s easy to fool Radha. He asks her to tell about herself so they can understand each other. She tells him that she told him everything already. He asks her that if she did not miss her family because she stayed in Mohan’s house. She tells him that Mohan and his family members are really good. She praises Mohan. He thinks that Radha don’t have any topic than Mohan. She notices blood in his gold chain and she asks him about it. He recalls that how he strangled jailer.

Mohan tells Gungun that he is not feeling good. And Sundari is not even telling that where is Radha now. She tells him that she knows Radha’s location. She takes his mobile and shows him something. He praises her and leaves the room. Tulsi’s spirit wonders that what Gungun did.

Hriday tells Radha that it’s a small cut which happened when he shaved. He thinks that he can’t let Radha tell about this blood to others. He tells her that they can donate the money to beggars. She agrees with him. Damini learns about Radha and Hriday’s date from Mohan. He tells her that he is going to Radha and leaves the house. She wonders that what Hriday did now.

Hriday takes Radha to an isolated place. She asks him that where are the beggars. He asks her that if she is afraid of him. She tells him that she knows that she is safe with him because Sundari choosed him for her. He takes knife and thinks to harm her if she asked about blood again. Meanwhile, Kaveri hides seeing Ketki. But Ketki catches her. She asks her that what the latter hiding from Mohan. Kadambari comes there and she takes Kaveri from there.

Radha tells Hriday that she want to treat his wound. He ignores Damini’s call. She tells him that they should return to house. Mohan comes there. Hriday hides the knife. Mohan asks them that what are they doing there when they should be in the restaurant. Radha tells him that food was expensive so they decided to donate that money to beggars. Mohan suggests a cheap restaurant.

Hriday says that he want to spend time with Radha alone. Mohan tells him that the latter can spend time with Radha life long. Hriday asks him that how the latter found their location. Mohan informs him that Gungun tracked their location. He shows Radha’s watch to him. Hriday thinks that he is sure that Mohan and Radha loves each other. They goes to eat panipuri. Hriday tells Mohan that he fell for Radha when he first time saw her. He asks him that when the latter fell in love.

Episode ends. 

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