Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 22nd September 2023 Written Update: Damini targets Rahul first


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 22nd September 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with everyone enters Radha’s house. Gungun says that house is beautiful and she have seen these kind of village house in movies. She asks that where is her room. Dadi tells her that there is only one room in the house. Radha tells Gungun that everyone can sleep together. Ajeet says that he can tell bed time stories to Gungun. Ketki says that she can give head massage to Gungun. Mohan tells Gungun that they will do everything together. Gungun says that it’s like full time family picnic and hugs Mohan. Rahul murmurs that it’s a jail. He wonders that what all he has to see.

On the other hand, Damini looks at Trivedis family photo. Bhushan asks her that what is her next move. She says that Trivedis will win if they stayed together then. And says they have to attack the weak member of Trivedis. She reveals that their first target is Rahul. She sees a doll. She says that she has to send this gift to Trivedis.

Radha cooks for everyone. Trivedis arranges bed. Mohan plays with Gungun. Rameshwar asks Radha to manage for today and says tomorrow he will buy ration.

Damini says that her second target is Kadambari. Kaveri asks her to do something with Radha’s family too. Damini says that Rameshwar did wrong by bringing Radha to this world so he will be punished. And says her last target is Gungun. Bhushan tells her that her plan is good. He asks her to won’t she do anything with Radha and Mohan. Damini tells him that Radha and Mohan will get shattered seeing their family breaking. She says that now family is strength of Radha and Mohan but soon family will become weakness of Radha and Mohan.

Radha and Tulsi smiles seeing Gungun playing with Mohan. Radha tells Tulsi that they are happy because they are together. Tulsi tells her that money can’t bring happiness. She says that nothing can beat family’s support.

Kadambari hurts her knee when she tried to sit on the bed. She screams in pain. Everyone goes to her. She tells them that she is fine. Radha recalls that how Damini said Kadambari can’t live in poverty and how Kadambari will survive without medicines. She goes to kitchen and cries. Mohan comes there. She tells him that Kadambari can’t sleep well because of knee pain. She says that they can’t ignore that everyone is suffering. She blames herself for everything.

He tells her that she brought happiness in their life and wealth is nothing in front of that happiness. He wipes her tears and hugs her. He thinks that he can’t let his family suffer. He decides to win against Damini. She thinks that she has to give previous life style to her family. They smiles at each other. Someone sees them.

Episode ends.