Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 23rd July 2022 Written Update: Radha goes against Sundari for Mohan


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 23rd July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Hriday tells Mohan that he fell for Radha when he first time saw her. He asks him that when the latter fell in love with Damini. Radha starts coughing because she ate too much spicy panipuri. Mohan offers water to her. Hriday thinks that he trapped Radha and Mohan has no idea that what he is going to do with Radha. On the other hand, Kaveri tells herself that Ketki is not leaving the topic. She decides to sleep for sometime. She gets shocked seeing Ketki on the bed.

Ketki tells her that she won’t question her but she will tell her that what the latter did. Kaveri tells her that she did nothing and laughs nervously. Ketki shows the wig to her. Kaveri tells her that she don’t know anything about this wig. Ketki tells her that the latter wore this wig while beating Radha up outside the temple. Kaveri asks her to stop talking nonsense. Ketki shows the photo of the newspaper in which Kaveri also visible behind Radha and Mohan.

Gungun decides to check Hriday’s bag. She goes to guest room and gets shocked seeing ladies there. Kadambari asks her that what the latter wants. Gungun asks them to go for a walk to stay fit. She says that they should do yoga too. Kadambari, Latha and Sundari leaves the room. Gungun starts searching the room. Mohan calls Gungun and asks her to finish the work as soon as possible. Gungun tells him that she will find proof against Hriday for sure. Mohan tells her that they don’t have much time and disconnects the call.

Ketki asks Kaveri to not try to lie because she understood that the latter did all this to defame Mohan and Radha. She asks her that if Damini brought Hriday. Kaveri asks her that why Damini will do that. Ketki threatens to show the photo and wig to Mohan and Kadambari. Kaveri snatches the wig from her and eats it. Ketki gets shocked seeing that.

Hriday, Radha and Mohan returns the house. Hriday says that he want to get freshen up. Kadambari asks him to go to guest room. Hriday moves from there. Mohan follows him. Hriday tells him that he can go to guest room alone. Sundari asks Mohan to stay with them. Hriday thinks that today Mohan saved Radha. He moves towards guest room. Radha goes to see Gungun. Tulsi’s spirit helps Gungun to find Hriday’s bag.

Mohan says that he is tired so he want to take some rest. Sundari taunts him. He asks her that how can he let Radha go out with stranger. Latha tells Mohan that Hriday is not a criminal. Sundari scolds Mohan. Damini asks her to calm down. Sundari says that she choosed Hriday for Radha. She reminds Mohan that his first wife committed suicide. Radha tells her that no one has rights to talk about Mohan and Tulsi’s relationship. Sundari tells her that Mohan also don’t have rights to intefere in her life. Radha tells her that she won’t tolerate Mohan’s insult. Meanwhile, Hriday sees Gungun checking his bag. He takes knife and moves towards her. Light goes off. Gungun screams. Everyone hears that.

Episode ends.

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