Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 29th July 2022 Written Update: Mohan helps Radha to complete her oath


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 29th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Hriday pushes Gungun from staircase. Tulsi’s spirit feels like Gungun called her. She tries to leave the house but fails. She wonders that why she is feeling restless. She tells herself that what if Gungun is in danger. Ketki tells Mohan to forgive Radha for Gungun’s sake. Ajeet tells Mohan that anything can happen with Radha. Mohan says that he did not told Radha to go to temple so he won’t go to pick her up. Ketki says that she is worried about Radha. Mohan asks them to leave from there. They leaves the room. Tulsi’s spirit tells Mohan that Ketki is right. She says that she feels like Radha and Gungun are in danger. She tells him that Radha and Gungun needs him. She asks him to bring them back.

Hriday pushes Gungun and it turns out to his dream. Gungun asks him to leave her hand so she can go to Radha. He notices that no one is there. He thinks that it’s the best chance to get rid of Gungun. He leaves her hand seeing people coming that way. Gungun leaves from there. Damini calls Hriday and asks him to return after finishing the work and disconnects the call. Kaveri tells her that Tulsi’s spirit can’t save Gungun outside the house.

Hriday is about to hold Gungun but stops seeing Mohan there. He wonders that how can he kill Gungun now. Gungun smiles seeing Mohan. Radha smiles hearing Mohan’s voice. Mohan asks her that if she is happy now. She nods at him. He is about to untie the cloth but she stops him and she is about to fall but he holds her ( Title song plays in the background ). She tells him that she won’t untie the cloth until she completes her oath. He tells her that she can walk too but she refuses to listen him.

Meanwhile, Sundari tells Kadambari that she knows that Radha is pure at heart but not everyone will understand Radha and Mohan’s relationship. Kadambari recalls that how Damini accused Radha and Mohan. She promises to talk with Mohan about this matter.

Damini tells Ketki to mind her own business instead of worrying about Radha. She threatens to kill her. Ketki tells her that she is not afraid of her. Kaveri comes there. Ketki says that she knows that Kaveri troubled Radha outside the temple and Damini is behind the newspaper article. She asks Kaveri that if the latter’s stomach is fine after eating wig. Damini tells her that without proof the latter can’t do anything. Ketki talks about Radha and Mohan’s relationship and leaves from there.

Mohan picks Radha and reaches the God’s idol. Radha asks him to forgive her. He tells her that he forgave her. He unties the cloth. She is about to see the God’s idol but one lady pushes her so she sees Mohan. She thanks God. Mohan says that he forgave her but God getting all the credits. He kneels to see if Radha’s leg is fine or not. She realizes that he is kneeling in front of God and she tells about it to Mohan.

Episode ends.

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