Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 29th June 2022 Written Update: Damini executes her devious plan against Radha


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 29th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Damini notices the water and thinks that it’s not the right time to get angry. She tells Radha that she would have helped her to hide her mehndi. She says that she knows that the latter can’t lie. She wipes her tears out. She tells her that she knows that the latter’s heart is pure. She asks her to not cry and offers water to her. Radha thanks her and keeps the water glass on the table. She goes to bring food for Damini. Damini recalls that how Kaveri told her to punish Radha. Radha brings food. They eats together. Damini makes Radha eat spicy pickles. Radha tells her that it’s so spicy and coughs. Damini offers water to her and the latter drinks it.

On the other hand, Mohan tells himself that Radha escaped and now he has to bring her to study. He moves towards Damini’s room. Damini tells Radha that the carpet become dirty so they should keep that outside. Radha nods at her and feels dizzy and faints. Damini locks the door from inside. Mohan is about to knock Damini’s room but stops hearing Gungun’s voice.

Gungun asks Maid about Radha. Maid tells her that Radha must be taking rest or must be studying in Mohan’s room after all she is queen of this house. Mohan comes there and tells her that he can make her queen too if she wants then. She gets shocked hearing him. He asks her to do her work. She nods at him and goes inside. Gungun asks Mohan to send Radha to her room. Mohan informs her that Radha is in Damini’s room. Tulsi’s spirit wonders that when Radha will see Damini’s real face.

Damini recalls that how Mohan treated her for Radha. She says that Radha tried to write Mohan’s name in her destiny so the latter deserves punishment. Meanwhile, Mohan tells Gungun that he can bring food for her. Gungun tells him that she kept fasting. He tells her that she is becoming like Radha. She tells him that she lied to stay away from him. He mimics her. She glares him and goes inside. Tulsi’s spirit smiles seeing that.

Damini wonders that how she is going to throw Radha out of the house. She hears Gungun’s voice and hides Radha into the carpet. Gungun knocks Damini’s room door. Damini opens the door. Gungun asks her about Radha. Damini lies to her that Radha is not in her room. Gungun says that Damini lies a lot so she want to check and barge into the room. She wonders that where Radha went. Tulsi’s spirit also searches Radha. Gungun leaves the room.

Gungun is about to collide with Mohan. He asks her that if she found Radha. She tells him that Radha is not in Damini’s room. She asks him to send Radha to her room after finding her. She goes to her room.

Damini takes the carpet out of her room. Ajeet offers help to her. But Ketki stops him from helping Damini. She says that Mohan did right by making Damini apologize to Radha. She tells Damini to forgot her marriage because Mohan changed. Damini tells her to think about her future because she is going to send her out of the house after marriage. Ajeet takes Ketki from there. Damini says that it’s Radha’s turn to leave the house.

Episode ends.

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