Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Kadambari announces Radha and Hriday’s engagement


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 2nd August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Hriday tells himself that he will celebrate first night with Radha today. Meanwhile, Radha wonders that what Hriday want to talk to her. She goes to outhouse. She tells him that they can talk now. She asks him that why he called her there. He asks her that if he troubled her. She shook her head and enters the outhouse. He apologizes to her. He says that he got jealous when Mohan picked her because he likes her so much.

And he is not fool to call off the marriage. He informs her that he is ready to marry her. Lights goes off. She gets scared so he asks her to not worry saying that it’s normal during rainy days. He hugs her which makes her uncomfortable. She asks him to leave her. She pushes him and slaps him. He thinks that today he won’t leave her. He turns around and gets shocked seeing Mohan in front of him. Radha also notices Mohan.

Mohan recalls that how he saw Radha leaving the house and followed her to talk with her. He beat Hriday up for touching Radha. He drags him from there. On the other hand, Kadambari tells Sundari that Radha did nothing wrong. Hriday tells Mohan that he did nothing wrong and why the latter beating him up. Everyone hears Hriday’s scream and gathers in the hall. Latha asks Mohan that why he is beating her son up like this.

 Mohan pushes Hriday on the table. He says that Hriday misbehaved with Radha. He adds that Hriday took advantage of the situation. Everyone gets shocked hearing him. Mohan reveals that Radha slapped Hriday. Latha and Sundari argues with each other. Hriday says that everyone misunderstood him. He informs Sundari that he went to talk with Radha about marriage.

Gungun says that she already said that Hriday is bad guy. Hriday says that his intention was not wrong and asks everyone to trust him. Kaveri asks Damini to do something. Damini asks Radha that if Hriday telling the truth. Radha says that Hriday said that he will marry her and he hugged her in happiness. And she slapped him because she did not understanding anything that time. Damini asks her that if Hriday did something else with the latter. Radha shook her head.

Latha says that Hriday just hugged Radha. She reminds Mohan that Radha did not slap him when he picked her in the temple. She tells Hriday that they can’t stay there for a moment also now. She asks that what if Mohan killed her son because Mohan accused for his wife’s death. Kadambari tells her that Mohan misunderstood Hriday. She apologizes to her on behalf of Mohan.

She asks Radha that if the latter want to marry Hriday. Radha nods at her. Kadambari asks Hriday that if he is ready to marry Radha. Hriday nods at her. Kadambari announces that tomorrow Radha and Hriday’s engagement will happen. And within 2 days marriage will happen. Gungun says that this marriage should not happen. Ajeet takes her inside.

Latha says that Mohan won’t let this marriage happen. Kadambari asks Mohan to promise on herself that he won’t do anything to stop Radha’s marriage. She adds that Mohan can’t participate in any marriage rituals too.

Episode ends.

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