Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Damini learns that Radha found the proof


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 2nd March 2023 Written Update On

Episode begins with Radha opens the locker and takes the money and jewels. She notices that one more locker exists inside the locker. And she opens it. On the other hand, Gungun searches Radha. Ketki tells her that the latter is looking like Lord Shiv in that costume. Gungun tells her that she need to tie her hair. Ketki tells her that she will help her and takes her from there.

Tulsi notices Radha taking papers from the locker. She thinks that she was not aware about this locker. Radha reads the papers and says that she is not understanding anything because it’s written in English. Tulsi tells herself that Damini brought new locker after her death and it looks like Damini brought new locker to hide these papers. She wonders that what is in these papers. She says that Radha can’t read these papers so she has to help Radha. She notices Mohan and tells Radha to hide from Mohan. Mohan leaves from there. Radha comes out of her hiding place. She thinks that she has to return the keys to Kadambari before Kadambari finds out that keys are missing.

Later, Mohan asks Radha that from where she is coming. Radha thinks that Mohan will throw her out of the house if she said that she stole the keys and got papers from locker then. She decides to tell the truth to Mohan after finding out what is in those papers. He asks her that if she is planning to kill him and why she is glaring him. She asks him to stop following her. He tells her that she hurted him and now yelling at him. And she deserves punishment. She leaves from there.

In the kitchen, Kadambari realises that keys are missing and she searches the keys. Radha comes there and keeps the keys on the floor without Kadambari’s knowledge. Kadambari notices the keys and takes it. She tells herself that she thought Radha stole it. Radha tells herself that she stole the keys and she won’t let anyone hurt this family. Damini and Kaveri sees Radha. Kaveri tells Damini that they should expose Radha. Damini shows the papers to Kaveri. She says that Radha found the proof finally. Kaveri asks her that how can the latter stay calm still. Damini tells her that those papers are in English and soon Radha is going to die so truth will die with Radha. She notices the kheer and smriks.

Radha hides the papers hearing door knocking sound. She opens the door. Kadambari asks her to get ready fast. Radha decides to read the papers later.

Guest tells Kadambari that kheer is looking good. Kadambari tells her that she made the kheer for Radha. Radha comes there and Mohan stares her ( Title song plays in the background ). Guests compliments Radha. Kaveri asks Damini to control the anger because Radha is going to die soon.

Episode ends.

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