Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 2nd November 2022 Written Update: Radha drives the bus to save the students


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 2nd November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with school bus driver faints when driving the bus. Everyone gets shocked seeing that. Mohan tells Ajeet that if it continued then accident may happen. He says that bus driver driving like he is drunk. He adds that something is fishy and he has to overtake the bus. Radha asks God to support her. She tells driver to get up.

Ketki holds driver. Radha sits on the driver seat. She tells Ketki to take care of driver and starts driving the bus. Ketki asks her that if the latter know to drive bus. Radha tells her that she don’t know. She says that she know to drive tractor. Ketki tells her that this is different. Radha tells her that they don’t have any other choice. She says that she can drive anything when God is with her. Ketki goes to driver and asks him to wake up.

On the other hand, Kadambari asks parents that how can they say to put her family members in danger. Parents says that it’s their family issue so they should suffer. They says that their children are innocent. Rahul tells them that his family members are also innocent. He warns them to not utter a word against his family. He gets into a fight with parents. Kadambari tries to stop Rahul. Damini is about to move towards Rahul but Kaveri takes the former aside. Kaveri tells her that parents are angry and drags her from the house.

Radha tells Gungun to make sure that driver don’t sleep. She asks her to remove driver’s shirt buttons. Gungun follows Radha’s instructions. She asks driver to take a long breathe. She tells students to open all the windows. She notices Mohan and screams his name. Mohan also sees her.

Tulsi’s spirit slaps one of the parent. That parent assumes that Kadambari slapped her. Vishwanath comes there with his gun. He threatens parents to stay away from his family. He fires a bullet in the air. Parents gets scared.

Gungun tells Radha about Mohan and Ajeet. Ketki gets happy seeing Mohan and Ajeet. Radha says that Mohan can’t come near the bus. She drives the bus fast for Mohan’s safety. Mohan takes another route deliberately. Police inspector tells Vishwanath that the latter will end up in jail. Vishwanath tells him that he is doing this for his family’s safety.

Ajeet asks Mohan that why the latter took another route. Mohan tells him that if Pratap saw him following the bus then that’s not good for them. He asks him to get off the jeep because it’s going to be dangerous from now on. Ajeet tells him that his loved ones are also in the bus. He asks him that how can he leave Ketki. Mohan apologizes to him. He tells him that he will stop the bus from front.

Shekhar says that their goal is same so they should not fight like this. Police inspector assures parents that he will save the students. Radha notices Mohan. She asks him to not come saying that there is bomb in the bus. Mohan notices Radha in driver seat.

Episode ends.

Episode begins with Ajeet spots the school bus and he shows it to Mohan. Mohan drives his jeep fastly. Meanwhile, Radha motivates students by telling Lord Krishna’s story to them. She says that Lord Krishna won all the time because he trusted in himself. She says that they are in trouble so they should trust themselves to get rid of the problem. On the other hand, teacher says that duplicate peon Pratap gave poisoned laddu to her. She says that she could not go with students because of that. Tulsi’s spirit says that Pratap planned everything. She wonders that why he did all that.

One of the parent says that Pratap has enmity with Trivedi family so he did all that to take revenge on them. Kadambari gets shocked hearing him. Police inspector says that parent is right. He says that his team draw Pratap’s picture with real peon’s help and it’s confirmed that Pratap is the one who kidnapped Radha in the past. Damini gets shocked hearing him. She scolds Pratap in her mind for talking about his plan to real peon.

Parents asks Trivedi family to return their children safely. They asks that why they should suffer because of Trivedi family. Kadambari asks them to calm down. She tells them that their threat won’t save anyone. She reminds them that her family members are also in that bus. She informs them that Mohan went to save them. One of the parent says that this problem started due to Trivedi family. Parents says that they want answers.

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